Beat the winter blahs with international flavour experiences
February 27, 2014

Julienned vegetables on salmon, served on rice with a red beet sauce.Teams of second-year students from Georgian College’s hospitality programs are organizing 10 gourmet dinners designed to transport your palate away from this gloomy winter weather and around the world.

Chefs-in-training will prepare thoughtful and delicious five-course meals paired with complimentary beer or wine. Service and Wine students will make each experience outstanding.

Each dinner will take place in the Georgian Dining Room, a full-service restaurant located on the first floor of the Hospitality and Tourism building at the Barrie Campus.

These are all-inclusive events starting at 6 p.m. with an hors-d’oeuvres reception. The dinners are every Tuesday and Thursday from Tuesday, March 18 to Thursday, April 17. The cost per meal is $49.95 per person, plus tax. For reservations, call 705-722-5142.

Every aspect of each meal is designed and prepared by students as the culmination of their Georgian College education. Not only will guests enjoy fine food and service, they’ll also be supporting the next generation of local culinary talent.

Menu Details

Tuesday, March 18 – Symphony of Europe

Celebrate Europe’s greatest culinary and musical achievements, including a french onion soup inspired by Debussy, lasagna celebrating Vivaldi, tafelspitz for Mozart, and a black forest torte honouring Bach.

Thursday, March 20 – Holi: Celebration of Colour

Enjoy a colour and flavour-filled Indian experience featuring crispy pani poori, holi-inspired tomato soup, curried lamb, and saffron-scented Asian pear and mango kulfi for dessert.

Tuesday, March 25 – Dionysus’ Feast of the Gods

Honour Greece’s gods and goddesses by enjoying dolmades, traditional greek salad, puff-pastry roll with chicken and rice, and honey cake and pomegranate gelato with poached fruit.

Thursday, March 27 – Rock and Roll Dinner

Rock out to American favourites like taco salad, potato skins, bbq wings, crab croquettes and a beef burger with fries inspired by Led Zepplin. Finish with bye bye miss American apple pie.

Tuesday, April 1 – Sakura’s First Voyage

Start your voyage with anchors away thai glass noodle salad, sail along with asian waves wonton soup, enjoy the captain’s bulgogi, and end at a tropical paradise – with an egg custard tart and fruit salad.

Thursday, April 3 – Dinner of the Roses

Let your palette fight for the throne. Enjoy a Yorkist quinoa salad, Lancastrian vegetable stew, and battle-inspired pork loin before celebrating peace with pear crumble and red fruit with English cream.

Tuesday, April 8 – Rio Carnival

Travel to the world’s biggest and most colourful carnival with pork Coxhinas, samba salad and chicken breast and sweet chili shrimp. Finish with a chocolate sponge, coconut pudding and berry sorbet.

Thursday, April 10 – Mediterranean Splendour

Take your mouth on a Mediterranean cruise. Dock in Greece with pork souvlaki, enjoy Italian ricotta pasta shells, say hello to traditional Spanish paella, and finish with a French croquembouche.

Tuesday, April 15 – Lights of Thai

Celebrate Thailand’s festivals with phi ta kon pad thai, fire lantern spicy mango salad, sakohothai pork loin, and an almond and chocolate spongecake topped with chai tea ice cream and sesame seed brittle.

Thursday, April 17 – Sigrblot: Viking Spring Feast

Feast like a Scandinavian ancestor with pickled cabbage and bacon salad, salted cod and haddock soup, herb-crusted lamb loin with root vegetables, and sweet spiced baked apple with Danish pastry.