Weather and personal safety
December 11, 2013

Winter weather means you need to be prepared

Winter weather means you need to be prepared

It’s that time of year when getting to your campus may be difficult due to weather conditions. Given the weather inconsistencies and volatility in our region, it can be challenging to decide when a campus stays open and when it closes.

Students and staff live across a broad geographic area at some distance from their campus and encounter a wide range of travelling conditions that can vary dramatically. There are often situations where one area is getting hit hard while other areas of the region remain unaffected. For example, it is not uncommon for the Barrie Campus to be closed and the Orillia Campus to be open (or vice versa) despite the fact that they are less than a 30-minute drive apart.

Given the unpredictable nature of storms in our region, students and staff must exercise their own discretion and caution depending on the conditions in their area. If the risk is too great to travel then individuals must take responsibility for their personal safety and make a sound decision based on their particular circumstance.

Those who make reasonable decisions will not be disadvantaged. Students should contact faculty or the appropriate academic office to discuss alternative arrangements should they miss a class, exam, assignment or other deadline. Staff should consult their supervisors.

Please remind students and colleagues of the expectations surrounding weather-related closures and absences. As always, safety remains one of Georgian’s foremost priorities.