Students share perspective on campus safety with industry leaders
February 04, 2014

Research Analyst students Vincent Cuevas, Samantha Gelinas and Melissa Zazulak presented the results of a research project they conducted on campus safety at the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association’s annual Net Gain conference on Jan. 30. Net Gain celebrates innovation and transformation in market research.

Young man and two young women pose in formal wear at conference presentation

Congratulations to Vincent, Samantha and Melissa on a job well done!

Over the past few weeks, the group has worked hard to execute and prepare theirresearch using a cutting-edge, app-based data collection tool. They gatheredethnographical data using mobile devices/smartphones and captured compelling, realisticvideo footage that enabled them to analyze current lockdown protocol awareness at the Barrie Campus.

Their classmate Martin Emslie assisted with the filming and production of a video fortheir conference presentation.

Industry leaders who attended the conference were impressed by the group. Their shout outs on Twitter capture it all:

  • Fiona Isaacson: @fionaisaacson – Intelligent, engaging & fantastic presentation by@GeorgianRAP students Melissa, Samantha & Vincent! Congrats! #netgain8
  • Bernie Malinoff: ?@berniemalinoff – Future is definitely bright – kudos to the studentteam from @GeorgianRAP #netgain8
  • Advanis: ?@AdvanisInsights Veterans in the room can learn from @GeorgianRAP about poisedpresentations. Nice job.
  • Annie Pettit: ?@LoveStats Hear hear! RT @berniemalinoff: Future is definitely bright -kudos to the student team from @GeorgianRAP #netgain8