Students “Put the boots” to poverty
March 13, 2012

In February, first-year Police Foundations students from the Owen Sound Campus made their yearly trek to Toronto to donate a day to volunteering at the Scott Mission. As part of their community service learning, students worked at the busy downtown Toronto site which provides an overnight shelter, soup kitchen, emergency food bank and counselling.

After unloading their donations of food, clothing and work boots, students met with Scott Mission staff to discuss issues surrounding poverty and how and why people become dependent on such services. After a short tour, they were sent to various areas to work alongside regular volunteers, many of whom also depend on the Scott Mission.

Some students were assigned to the daycare area, some to the kitchen/dining area, while others sorted the mountains of clothing and food donations in the basement.

Mission staff members were thrilled with the donations students brought, particularly the work boot donations. Boots mean jobs for those who would like to obtain work in factories or as general labourers. Without such donations, they could not afford safety footwear.

The boots were donated by Georgian students and employees, with the bulk of them – more than 70 pairs – donated by the security members at Bruce Power. Food and clothing donations also came from Georgian students and employees.

To those who participated, the day was too short. The students wanted to stay longer and do more!

The Scott Mission serves up to 700 free meals to the homeless in the city core every day of the year. It also distributes emergency groceries and provides shelter for almost 50 people each night. Amazingly, it is funded by donations, not by the government. The mission also operates a summer camp in Collingwood to get the children out of the city.

Thank you to all who donated to the Scott Mission field trip. The food, clothing, and especially the large number of work boots, were very much appreciated!

For more information, contact Catherine Wareham, Co-ordinator, Police Foundations program, at ext. 2077 or e-mail