Reminder: Lockdown and fire evacuation drills – Sept. 25
September 16, 2014

Georgian will hold regular lockdown and fire evacuation drills throughout the year. We want to be ready – and we want you to be ready – for the challenges we may face in an emergency situation.

The first lockdown and fire evacuation drills will be held on Thursday, Sept. 25 at all campus locations.

Your professors will review procedures for both drills with you in class. Please familiarize yourself with them and participate fully in each drill. You can also view the procedures online.

The lockdown drill will occur in the morning. No matter where you are – library, classroom, washroom or in the hallway – make an effort to conceal yourself and help barricade the space around you as though an armed intruder were on campus.

The fire evacuation drill will occur in the afternoon. Please leave the building you are in as if a real fire were underway. Gather in a parking lot or large open area at least 30 metres away from any buildings.

These drills provide an opportunity for us to test out our processes. Thank you for participating and preparing in advance.