Police Foundations, Paramedic students face “emergency” in Meaford
March 26, 2015


Two injured girls with neck braces sit in a car. It looked like a real-life emergency. Two vehicles – a car and a van, had crashed on the outskirts of Meaford on a drizzly, overcast day.

Smoke was pouring from the van, and two people were still inside the car, injured. Blood ran from the mouth of the passenger.

That’s the scene that confronted Georgian College Georgian Police Foundations students from the Owen Sound Campus and Paramedic students from the Barrie Campus on Wednesday, March 25. Luckily for all involved it was a staged event, part of a hands-on police, fire, and EMS training day at the Meaford Fire Training Centre.

Police, fire and EMS first responders were there to practise their response to a motor vehicle collision. Fire and paramedic personnel provided emergency medical and fire support while police secured the scene and conducted an investigation.

Students acted as victims and witnesses to the collision scenario. They were also there to learn from the jobs that actual emergency personnel were performing. It was all part of the practical, hands-on learning experiences for which both programs are renowned.