Paramedic student delivers a baby
April 19, 2012

Second-year Paramedic student Rachel Scott used her in-class learning to deliver a baby recently. She attended the call with two seasoned paramedics.

When they entered the home, it was clear that the birth was imminent. As the head was crowning, the paramedics guided Rachel through the steps to delivering a baby. Although she knew what to do from theory classes, simulation labs and hospital clinical at a birthing unit, the pressure was nonetheless intense.

Less than a minute and a half later, a healthy baby boy made his way into the world. After the baby was dried, warmed and the umbilical cord was cut, he was placed in his mother’s arms for the first time.

“We are all very proud of Rachel and grateful to the paramedics who agreed to preceptor her and the nursing staff and obstetricians in the birthing unit where Rachel did her clinical,” says Rob Theriault, professor in the Paramedic programs. “Education is truly a team effort and Rachel is proof that our efforts at Georgian pay off.”

Well done, Rachel!