Make career connections
January 20, 2014

HTR-Connect2Careers2013-Georgian College-201302Networking is important to any job search and will be particularly vital when you graduate.

That’s why Connect 2 Careers (C2C), happening on Feb. 4, is such a great career fair to attend if you’re studying hospitality, tourism, recreation, massage or esthetics at Georgian College.

In the morning, take advantage of resourceful workshops. From 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., head to the Barrie Campus gym to connect with leading employers in the industry.

Representatives from resorts, golf courses, restaurants and spas will all be there to meet Georgian students. Some companies will even hire on the spot. That’s why you’re encouraged to bring several copies of your resumé and dress as though you’re heading to an interview.

For more information on what C2C has to offer, visit