IT Support now available 24/7
November 02, 2016

The first level of IT Support at Georgian is now available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Staff and students can access help by continuing to call ext. 1732 or sending an email to [email protected].

You can also use a web form to submit a ticket, add notes to an existing ticket, check on your ticket status and access live chat support. This applies to tickets created after Nov. 2.

Calls will be answered by Buchanan Technologies, a company with a call centre in eastern Canada and a strong track record serving several other Ontario colleges.

IT issues that cannot be resolved over the phone will be ticketed for Georgian’s IT Support staff who will contact you to troubleshoot.

Frequently Asked Questions

When I call IT Support, who will help me?

All communications with IT Support will be handled by a company called Buchanan Technologies. They work out of eastern Canada and have a strong track record providing first level IT services to several other Ontario colleges.

What kind of services will IT Support provide?

IT Support will continue to help all staff and students with issues and requests of all kinds. They should be your first point of contact for any technical issue related to:

  • Hardware (Georgian computers, Georgian printers, podiums, peripherals, etc.)
  • Software (installs for Staff, Office, email/O365, Blackboard, Banner, etc.)
  • Internet/website (staff, student, public, etc.)
  • Networking (wired, Wi-Fi, etc.)
  • Desk or mobile phones
  • Passwords. . .and more

They work closely with our 50+ other IT staff to ensure your issue is resolved as quickly as possible.

When can IT Support help me?

Our new IT Support model is meant to increase our hours of service to better support staff and students. IT Support can be contacted any time, day or night, and will be available 24/7 to suit your evolving technical needs.

Where do I find IT Support?

We have lots of different communications methods:

How will IT Support help me?

That depends on the issue. They can complete simple tasks for you like reset locked accounts, help you set up your email or report a problem with the network. If it’s more specific and they need to see your computer, our new IT team will have the ability to ‘remote’ in with you to see what the problem is. If they can’t solve it right away, they will assign the ticket to another member of the team who will work with you.