#GCKilltheCup winner announced as part of environmental sustainability contest
November 24, 2015

A woman holds her reusable cup in front of her face.Georgian has a proven commitment to environmental sustainability, but paper cups are getting between the college and its landfill diversion goals. That’s why the Sustainability Committee launched the Waste Reduction Week Kill the Cup Contest. Staff and students were encouraged to submit selfies with reusable mugs, using the hashtag #GCKilltheCup. Elaine Murray from Georgian’s marketing and communications team was randomly selected as the winner of a $100 gift card for Georgian Stores.

What you can do to help reduce the impact of paper cups:

  • Bring a reusable mug to campus. You’ll save 10 cents every time!
  • If you DO buy a paper cup, recycle your lid and sleeve, but put the cup in the garbage. If you throw your cup in a recycling bin, the entire contents of that bin are contaminated and end up in a landfill.