Environmental students support Tiny Township pollinator program
July 19, 2017

Environmental Technician and Technology students from Georgian College help bees through unique pollinator programThree Environmental Technician and Environmental Technology students are spending time this summer gaining experience in land stewardship and habitat protection through the Township of Tiny’s unique Pollinator Themed Youth Stewardship Program. Pollinators include bees, butterflies, moths, beetles and flies.

The students have been using their knowledge of environmental sustainability to create and promote new pollinator habitats within the township, including creating new wildflower gardens and incorporating native wildflowers that are pollinator friendly into existing gardens.

In addition to land stewardship, students are also focusing on public outreach by working with local nurseries to promote pollinator friendly plants, attending community events that focus on educating people about pollinators, and creating informational material.

Through this experience, students have gained a range of knowledge in:

  • the diversity of pollinator species in Ontario
  • global and local issues affecting pollinators, such as pesticides, disease and habitat issues
  • habitat creation and management (appropriate wildflowers and the importance of bloom times)
  • how domestic honey bee farms operate

The township’s initiative champions implementation of Ontario’s Pollinator Health Action Plan through funding from the Ontario150 Partnership Program, which is administered by the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport.

Students’ participation in the program supports completion of the co-op requirements in the Environmental Technician and Environmental Technology programs.

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