Do you have a passion or interest you want to share with others?

Think about joining a club – or even creating a club if it doesn’t already exist!

To join a club listed below, just click the contact info provided. If you have any questions about any of these clubs, please email Shannon Kelly or call 705.728.1968, ext. 5338.

To create a club, complete the Club Package and drop it off in the GCSA Office (Room A162).

To renew an existing clubcomplete the Club Renewal Package and drop it off in the GCSA Office (Room A162).

Canadian Society of Club Managers – Student Branch (CSCM-SB)

The CSCM creates great clubs through excellence in professional club management in the Canadian Club Industry. We aim to promote and develop the profession of club management by providing information and education to members, including career opportunities and networking forums.

CICE Social Club

The purpose of the CICE Social Club is to bring students together to have a relaxing, fun-filled time, while enjoying the company of their peers.

CE (Culture Exchange) Club

We offer a common platform in the form of on-campus events for students and staff to come together, broaden their minds and experience culture from across the globe.

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Chinese Student Union

The Chinese Student Union at Georgian College is a social and cultural student organization that helps Chinese students face any challenges they may be experiencing. Our goal is to provide a platform to connect Chinese students where they can share life experiences and exchange ideas.

Cosplayers Association of Georgian College

The Cosplayers Association was created to nurture beginner cosplayers, break fears of those who wish to start, and overall, advance those who love to be a part of the community. Whether you want to build props, sew costumes, make armor, be a cosplayer, or become a photographer, we have the contacts to enhance your skills.

Cybersport Association at Georgian

The Cybersport Association will provide opportunities for students who want to be involved in competitive gaming at events and tournaments. The games supported are DOTA 2, Counterstrike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Hearthstone, Over watch, Rainbow 6: Siege and Battlefield 1.

Dance Club

The Dance Club is a group of students who enjoy dance. Some of our members have been dancing since they were three years old, some are experienced in styles from tap and jazz to hip-hop, some have never danced; yet all of us are inspired to express and experience life through movement.

EAP/International Dragon Boat Club

This club provides EAP/international students the opportunity to experience and develop team building skills through participation in a competitive team event, promotes opportunities for interaction with and integration into the larger community, and provides opportunities for volunteerism through fundraising for our very own scholarship fund for EAP/international students.

Georgian Anime Club

The Georgian Anime Club is about bringing Anime and Japanese culture to campus, whether it is through anime/manga, food or other hobbies. Anyone with an interest in Anime or Japanese culture, or who would like to experience something new, is welcome to join.

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Georgian College Acappella Club

This club is designed to help musicians and vocalists grow and work together as a team to deliver music to the community. Some of our vocalists have been in acappella ensembles, choirs and bands for more than four years. We are a fun and welcoming group with the goal of providing musical opportunities around campus.

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Georgian Commerce Society

The Georgian Commerce Society was established for Georgian College BBA students to socialize, network, build professional skills and compete with other postsecondary schools.

Georgian College Electric Vehicle Racing Club

The goal of the Georgian College Electric Vehicle Racing Club, or EV club for short, is to design, build, test and race an electric vehicle. The vehicle is a single seat, 3 or 4 wheel car, massing about 150kg, and powered by a 12-volt deep cycle car battery. The EV club team builds a new car every year which they enter into a race which is hosted by the University of Waterloo in June. Race information can be found here.

Georgian College Ultimate Frisbee Club (GCUFC)

The GCUFC is to gather students to enjoy the fastest growing, facsinating sport – Ultimate Frisbee, to make friends and to PARTY (on and off campus)! We welcome all leveled players, we organize trainings, pickup games and other fun activities. Our goal is to eventually form a school team to compete with other schools or maybe the AUDL, and a fun team to just enjoy ourselves.

Georgian Equestrian Club

A place for Georgian’s horse enthusiasts to connect, learn, and have fun together. The club welcomes riders of all disciplines and levels; however, we do ask that you have previous horse experience.

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Georgian Kodiaks Bowling

To provide weekly recreational bowling opportunities for students to promote a balanced campus lifestyle. This club allows both domestic and international students to get out, socialize and enjoy the local community. There are also themed nights for staff, varsity athletes and international students, so be on the lookout!

Georgian Muslims’ Society

The purpose of the Georgian Muslims’ Society is to connect Muslim students at Georgian College by developing a unified community that aims to help them practice their faith while giving them a strong platform to voice their needs and concerns.

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Georgian Pride

Georgian Pride is committed to promoting, and creating, a safe and all-inclusive environment for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, and Queer (LGBTQ) community at Georgian. We understand that the greatest tool for change is awareness through education. Georgian Pride intends to act as a vehicle for that awareness. We encourage all students to get involved and make change in our school community.

Georgian Skies

Alis volat propriis – She flies with her own wings.
Georgian Skies is an aviation society comprised of students from the Aviation Management and Flight Services programs. Georgian Skies aims to promote and support women in aviation through networking opportunities, educating potential students, and events both on and off campus.

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Georgian Soccer Club

For all the soccer lovers at Georgian! Georgian Soccer Club is an all ages, co-ed organization. Its purpose is to develop individual and team soccer excellence, so members can compete at their highest possible level. Sign up today and play!

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Jibfest is well-known as the “Original Rail Jam”. It encourages riders in Barrie and surrounding communities to participate in a friendly competition while promoting the Snow Resort Operations program at Georgian College.

Junior Muskoka District Chef’s Association (JMDCA)

To explore the benefits of culinary excellence with all students who are interested in learning the culinary arts.  The culinary students enhance their knowledge and techniques, donating our time to giving back to the community and raise funds for our club. Promoting culinary trade and excellence is our passion.

Makers’ Club

Created with the purpose of establishing a place of creative learning in technological innovation and training. In the spirit of open source technology, all Georgian students are welcome to join. The Makers’ Club recently received a $250,000 donation to go toward a brand new club room!

Nachda Rangla Punjab

This club promotes co-curricular activities. We listen the problems of international students. We promote every culture. We represent our college in dance competition (any form). We organize religious events.

YouTube Channel: Husan Sandhu

Redeemed Christian Church of God Campus Fellowship

The Redeemed Christian Church of God Campus Fellowship is a voluntary student organization with a vision to help interested individuals grow and become more knowledgeable about the Christian faith.

Super Smash Bros. Club

This club is for students who love to play Smash bros competitively and for fun. It’s a great way to make friends and meet other students.

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The League of Extraordinary Gamers

TLEG is a table-top games club open to all students. We meet weekly and anyone is welcome to come and join us. Please contact me via email to inquire about meeting times and room locations if you are interested.

Victor’s Charity Group

We are a club comprised of Communicative Disorders Assistant (CDA) program students. Our mandate is to raise awareness and funding in support of Georgian College CDA alumnus Victor Musowa in his mission to provide speech, language and hearing therapy to all children in his community of Malawi, Africa. All funds raised will help the AbleKids Rehab Clinic in Malawi gain access to food, equipment and the facilities required to provide services to those in need.

Timothy Chinese Christian Association

Timothy Chinese Christian Association aims at Chinese students with Christian beliefs. We share the strong Christian belief and help new students to overcome the challenges at Georgian College.

Do you have a passion or interest you want to share with others?

Think about joining a club, or create a club if it doesn’t already exist!

Current clubs/associations:

  • Child and Youth Worker (CYW) Task Force
  • Justice and Public Safety Institute (JPSI) Task Force
  • Early Childhood Education (ECE) Spirit Club
  • Everyone for Equality (E4E)
  • ASL (Sign Language)
  • Creative Café

Email Orillia GCSA for a full list of clubs and associations on campus.

Do you have a passion or interest you want to share with others?

Think about joining a club, or create a club if it doesn’t already exist!

Email Owen Sound GCSA for a full list of clubs and associations on campus.