About GCSA

The Georgian College Students’ Association (GCSA) was established in 1969 to give students a voice on campus. Since then, it has grown to encompass such services as:

  • athletics
  • on-campus dining
  • health and dental benefits
  • orientation
  • on-campus food banks

GCSA is made up of students elected by the student body on every Georgian campus and is supported by staff members dedicated to enhancing the student experience.

GCSA collects an activity fee through ancillary fees that help provide funding for clubs, services, co-curricular record mini-grants, student awards, professional development opportunities, events and activities.

How to reach us

Barrie office
Room A162
705.728.1968, ext. 5290

Midland office
Room 120H
705.526.3666, ext. 3707

Muskoka office
Room 128
705.646.7629, ext. 4801

Orangeville office
Front office – Room 103
519.940.0331, ext. 5661

Orillia office
Room B108
705.325.2740, ext. 3008

Owen Sound office
Room 235
519.376.0840, ext. 2050

South Georgian Bay office
Room A105 (main office)
705.445.2961, ext. 2912

Barrie: Strategic Plan

Engage. Empower. Collaborate.


The Barrie Campus Georgian College Students’ Association (GCSA) will be a recognized and engaged executive council that promotes the rights of students, heightens student engagement, and enhances the quality of student life. It will prepare confident leaders of tomorrow, while respecting the diversity and strength of all, and continuously assess, adapt and grow to fit the needs of an increasingly diverse student body.


To advance the general welfare of all Georgian College students and:

  • serve as a resource for students
  • serve as a resource for faculty and staff
  • act as liaisons to and from the Student Body and the college administration
  • remain a major source of information to and from the Student Body
  • recruit and develop student leaders within a professional culture to benefit the larger community; engage in purposeful community service


Collaboration | Integrity | Respect | Harmony

Goals and strategies

Act as an advocate for all students

  • each VP will explore one substantial issue each semester
  • fill all vacant positions in a timely manner

Maintain 100 per cent occupancy of student representative seats on all relevant college committees

To broaden and strengthen the visibility of GCSA

  • increase the reach metrics of our social media presence by 10 per cent
  • actively participate in all college-wide events (Orientation, Open House, etc.)
  • renovate the GCSA office so that it is reflective of the college’s commitment to student advocacy

Ensure that administrative decision-making is transparent, inclusive, and accessible to all Georgian College stakeholders by encouraging students to attend weekly council meetings, posting minutes and budgets online, etc.

To collaborate with the campus and greater community

  • create one student events calendar by planning and marketing events in partnership with FYE, the international department, Library and Academic Success
  • develop an active partnership with at least three new community sponsors/partners by 2017

Foster a lifelong connection with Georgian College alumni to mobilize their many talents and assets in support of advancing Georgian’s overall mission

To facilitate student leadership development opportunities

  • continue to offer at least two college-wide student leadership conferences per year
  • partner with new student advisors to identify, connect and engage new student leaders
  • embed intentional leadership development outcomes into all Student Executive Council Conferences
  • increase collaboration with the academic areas to promote campus-wide co-curricular learning and the Co-Curricular Record (CCR)

To improve accessibility and inclusiveness

  • offer students a diverse and balanced offering of social events including events that promote:
    • student engagement
    • social integration
    • social and cultural awareness
    • Grizzly pride and spirit
    • student leadership
    • holistic health promotion
  • create and post an equity, accessibility and land acknowledgment statement on GCSA website
  • secure at least one perishable food source for the Food Locker by the end of the 2017 academic year
  • conduct an annual accessibility assessment of GCSA practices and facilities

To ensure wise stewardship of resources

  • partner with other departments (FYE/International/Athletics) to share the costs for related events
  • evaluate all GCSA events to ensure that they are meeting the needs of Georgian College students
  • strike a SEC working group committee to review the possibility/feasibility of hosting at least two of the three SEC conferences at the Barrie Campus

Barrie: Elected members

GCSA Executive:

AveryGCSA President

Avery Konda
705.728.1968, ext. 5286

JakeVP Administration

Jake Chevrier
705.728.1968, ext. 5338

MarinaVP Athletics and Health Promotions

Marina Suvorova
705.728.1968, ext. 5296

ShannonVP Internal Relations

Shannon Kelly
705.728.1968, ext. 5257

KavishaVP External and Equity

Kavisha Shah
705.728.1968, ext. 5298

PauloVP Student Engagement and Communication

Paulo Cardoso
705.728.1968, ext. 5289

GCSA Directors

Board of Governors Representative

Hunter Markle – email: hunter.markle@georgiancollege.caSave





Barrie: Position descriptions

(24 hours per week @ $16 an hour)

  • help guide the other Council members to make the best choices for the Georgian College, Barrie Campus student population
  • sit on many College committees as a student representative

VP of Administration
(24 hours per week @ $15 an hour)

  • take minutes at the meetings
  • act as a liaison between GCSA and the Student Director
  • responsible for organizing the student elections
  • promote student professional development and co-curricular record activities

VP Athletics and Health Promotions
(24 hours per week @ $15 an hour)

  • act as a liaison between GCSA and Athletics
  • lead the SAA and help decide anything athletic related
  • promote a culture of healthy living on campus

VP of External and Equity
(24 hours per week @ $15 an hour)

  • responsible for the promotion of external elections
  • assist with planning leadership conferences, retreats and banquets
  • assist with the co-ordination and planning of an annual charity event for the students on Barrie Campus

VP Internal Relations
(24 hours per week @ $15 an hour)

  • coordinate the student Foodlocker program including leading a team of volunteers
  • organize the Barrie Good Food Box on the Barrie campus
  • the liaison for all student clubs
  • promote ways to get involved on campus

VP Student Engagement and Communications
(24 hours per week @ $15 an hour)

  • organize all GCSA events throughout the year
  • promote events and activities to the students of Georgian College through social media and personal interactions
  • manage the GCSA Crew to help promote and run events

GCSA Directors
(10 hours per week @ $13.75 an hour)

  • attend all scheduled GCSA board meetings and vote on college issues that are not deemed executive mandated
  • assist GCSA with a variety of tasks including events, activities and general office duties

Board of Governors student representative (any campus)
(volunteer position)

  • sits on the Board of Governors to represent all Georgian College students
  • represents the four campuses without a student council

Barrie: Awards and scholarships

GCSA recognizes those who get involved and make our school a better place. Every year, the Georgian College Students’ Association (GCSA) sponsors awards to deserving students.

Student Leadership Award #25314

Presented to students who have demonstrated leadership skills, are in good academic standing and have completed at least one successful academic semester. Applicants must also demonstrate one of the following:

  • are involved in campus life (through GCSA, varsity, SWAT, orientation, extracurricular activities)
  • represents Georgian College or have contributed to or enhanced student life

Applicants must clearly demonstrate how they meet the criteria in their cover letter. Recipient must be a permanent resident of Ontario and demonstrate financial need.

Award value is $1,000.

If you want to be the recipient of one of these awards, just get involved with GCSA – it’s easy, come in and ask us how!

You can also apply for the Brian Tamblyn Scholarship, sponsored by GCSA.

For more awards and scholarships, check out the awards and scholarships page on the Georgian College website. There are more than 75 to choose from!

Barrie: Documents

The Georgian College Students’ Association (GCSA) is governed by two documents, the GCSA Constitution and the GCSA Bylaws. We record all of our meetings.


The GCSA Constitution is the document put together by the Students’ Executive Council (the Barrie, Orillia, and Owen Sound Georgian College Students’ Association) to provide guidelines for all student governance at Georgian College.

GCSA Constitution 2016


The Campus GCSA Bylaws govern the Georgian College – Barrie Campus Students’ Association. Each Georgian campus has specific bylaws outlining the GCSA’s job description, as well as policies and procedures.

Barrie By-Laws 2015


The Georgian College Students’ Association (GCSA) holds weekly meetings during the fall and winter semesters to discuss student affairs. These meetings are open to anyone who wishes to sit in. Click on the links below if you missed a meeting or want to read our minutes.

June 15, 2017
June 1, 2017
May 25, 2017
May 18, 2017
May 11, 2017
March 6, 2017
March 2, 2017
February 13, 2017
January 30, 2017
January 23, 2017
January 9, 2017
December 13, 2016
December 5, 2016
November 29, 2016
November 15, 2016
November 1, 2016
October 18, 2016
September 13, 2016
September 1, 2016

Proposed Budget for 2017-2018
GCSA Proposed Budget 2017-18

Barrie: GCSA board posting request form

Download and complete the GCSA Board Posting Request Form and submit to the GCSA VP of Marketing and Communications, Barrie Campus, GCSA office, Room A162 or email Paulo.Cardoso@GeorgianCollege.ca.

Barrie: Staff

Staff in the Student Life department are dedicated to helping students by providing professional guidance.

Christina Meredith
Manager, Student Leadership and Transition Services
705.728.1968, ext. 5274, christina.meredith@georgiancollege.ca
Responsible for student leadership and governance, including advisement to GCSA and Student Life programs in Barrie, and for First Year experience and First Generation transition and advisement initiatives and academic success services, including learning strategies, peer services and learning labs.

Sheri Greenman
Office Assistant
705.728.1968, ext. 5290, sheri.greenman@georgiancollege.ca
Manages the day-to-day running of the GCSA office, oversees front desk reception, books external vendors and works closely with all Student Life departments.

Shona Klugman
Graphic Specialist
705.728.1968, ext. 5295, shona.klugman@georgiancollege.ca
Responsible for all graphic design for the Student Life department, including the Student Planner, TLC, TFC, GCSA and Orientation. Also maintains Student Life websites and TV system.

Kim Brent
Financial Officer
705.728.1968, ext. 5288, kim.brent@georgiancollege.ca
Maintains financial records for Barrie and Orillia campuses – GCSA Athletics, The Last Class and The First Class, The Den, accounts payable, accounts receivable, invoicing, monthly reconciliations, and inventory cost of goods sold.

Allison Punnett
Orientation and Transition Programming Co-ordinator
705.728.1968, ext. 1920, allison.punnett@georgiancollege.ca
Responsible for Orientation, Get Connected, Stay Connected and all transition programming for new students.

For Student Centre Food and Beverage Operations staff, please visit GeorgianCollege.ca/campus-life/campus-food-services/the-last-class/contact-tab.


For Athletic Centre staff, please visit GeorgianCollege.ca/campus-life/athletics/contact/staff-tab.

Barrie: Land Acknowledgement

Acknowledgement of the Land

The Georgian College Student Association respectfully acknowledges that our institution is situated on the traditional land of the Anishnaabeg people. The Anishnaabeg, meaning “�The Good People’, are comprised of different Nations including the Odawa, Ojibwe, Chippewa, Mississaugas, Potawatomi, and Algonquin. The Anishnaabeg live in the spirit of the 7 grandfather teachings or guiding principles, these are honesty, love, truth, humility, wisdom, courage and respect. The Georgian College Student Association stands in solidarity with these teachings as we serve students in their scholastic and personal development.

Orillia: Overview

Follow us on Twitter Find us on FacebookWatch us on YouTube


The Georgian College Students’ Association (GCSA) is the driving force behind student life at Georgian’s Orillia campus. There are six executive members who work together to make your time here as a student as awesome as possible! Check out the rest of this website to see what we do, opportunities that are offered, or how you can get involved. We love to have visitors in our office, so visit us in room B108 beside The Den. Just come on up the stairs, we are here for you!

Orillia: What we do

GCSA is committed to providing you with a variety of outside-the-classroom opportunities to learn, grow, have fun, make friends, network and build your resumé.

We offer:

  • intramural sports
  • road trips to sporting events
  • pub nights
  • live entertainment
  • fundraising campaigns
  • Food Locker program
  • movie nights
  • student health and dental benefits
  • community events
  • tri-campus tournaments
  • diversity and mental health campaigns
  • charity fundraisers
  • student job opportunities
  • grad photos
  • clubs and associations

And much more!

There is something for everyone.

GCSA Orillia is elected each school year by the general student population. GCSA advocates to college management and federal and provincial government on behalf of our students to ensure that each student has representation.
Take a look at our events page to see all of the upcoming GCSA events. Or check out the Get involved tab to see how you can get involved with GCSA! Under the Businesses tab, you can find information about The Den Restaurant and Pub, the Fitness Centre, and Printing Services – all of these businesses are GCSA-owned, and student run!

We hope you have an AMAZING time here at Georgian – Orillia, and look forward to seeing you at our events and in the halls.

Orillia: Elected members

GCSA President: Scott Mason
705.325.2740, ext. 3008

VP Athletics: Ben Stern
705.325.2740, ext. 3038

VP Internal: Phil Scibor
705.325.2740, ext. 3033

VP Public Relations: Sammi Henderson
705.325.2740, ext. 3089

VP External: Angela Cadieux
705.325.2740, ext. 3009

VP Social: Emily Marchand
705.325.2740, ext. 3018

Orillia: Position descriptions

GCSA President

  • serves as the chief executive officer of the Orillia Campus GCSA executive, provides leadership and guidance to all executive members
  • holds a position on the College Council Board
  • directs and supervises all GCSA events, activities and initiatives
  • chairs weekly GCSA executive meetings, provides agenda
  • attends regular meetings with the Student Life manager and the campus dean to share and discuss student issues and upcoming events

GCSA VP Internal

  • assumes the duties of and acts as president in his/her absence
  • co-ordinates, organizes, and chairs GCSA director meetings; communicates issues and promotes GCSA events and activities to all GCSA directors
  • records the minutes at all GCSA executive and director meetings
  • co-ordinates Food Locker program and annual food drive
  • oversees all club and association activities on campus

GCSA VP External

  • promotes municipal, provincial and federal elections (if applicable)
  • assists with the co-ordination and planning of an annual charity event held at the school, with all proceeds benefiting the Orillia community
  • organizes mental health, diversity and respect campaigns held on campus

GCSA VP Social

  • organizes pub nights and live entertainment
  • acts as a host for social events (e.g., introduces comedians, performers, live bands, etc.)
  • is available at all student social functions and pubs
  • maintains good working relationships with corporations and community agencies for partnership in hosting activities
  • maintains social media groups (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, YouTube)

GCSA VP Athletics

  • organizes intramural sports on and off campus
  • assists with the co-ordination, organization and promotion of tri-campus extramural and recreational activities
  • co-ordinates the Active Living Challenge at the Orillia campus
  • organizes sports road trips (Blue Jays, Raptors, Colts, etc.)

GCSA VP Public Relations

  • co-ordinates the advertisement and promotion of all GCSA events, activities and initiatives via announcements, posters, pamphlets, newspapers, banners, internet, digital media, etc.
  • chairs the GCSA Promo Crew committee to provide them with the information needed to advertise to the general student population
  • organizes the annual Shinerama Fundraiser for Cystic Fibrosis Canada

College Student AllianceGCSA Orillia is a proud member of the College Student Alliance.
For more information about the CSA, please visit collegestudentalliance.ca.

Orillia: Awards and scholarships

We like to recognize those who get involved and make our school a better place. Every year, GCSA holds an awards night – Dine and Bash where we award students and staff with the following awards:

  • Volunteer of the Year
  • Shiner of the Year (for Shinerama)
  • Program of the Year
  • Employee of the Year – The Den
  • Employee of the Year – Printing Services
  • Employee of the Year – Fitness Centre
  • Staff Appreciation Award
  • Male Athlete of the Year
  • Female Athlete of the Year
  • Sportsman Like Award
  • GCSA Director of the Year
  • Student Life Award
  • Shinerama Award
  • President’s Trophy
  • VIP Award

If you want to be the recipient of one of these awards, just get involved with GCSA. It’s easy – come in and ask us how!

Also, as a member of the CSA (College Student Alliance), one $1,000 scholarship is available to students at our school. Details on this scholarship come out in October.

You can also apply for the Brian Tamblyn Scholarship, sponsored by GCSA.

For more awards and scholarships, check out the Awards and scholarship page on the Georgian website. There are more than 75 awards available!

Orillia: Documents

The GCSA is governed by two documents: the GCSA Constitution and the GCSA bylaws.


The GCSA Constitution is the document put together by the Students’ Executive Council (Barrie, Orillia, and Owen Sound GCSAs, plus representatives from each of the other campuses) to provide guidelines for all student governance at Georgian College.

Read the 2015 GCSA Constitution.

The 2016 GCSA Constitution currently under review to be voted on January 23, 2016. Please email any comments or concerns to Mike.Zecchino@GeorgianCollege.ca before January 22.

GCSA Constitution 2016


The GCSA bylaws govern the Georgian College Students’ Association, Orillia Campus. Each Georgian campus has its own set of bylaws. They outline the GCSA executive’s job description and procedure protocols.

Read the GCSA bylaws 2013-2014

Georgian Life newsletter

The Georgian Life is a student newsletter put together by Gail Hudson in Printing Services. It is your source for information on all GCSA events and initiatives. The newsletter is released regularly throughout the school year. For a copy, go to Printing Services or the GCSA office.


The GCSA holds weekly meetings during the fall and winter semesters to discuss student affairs. These meetings are open to anyone who wishes to sit in. To read the meeting minutes see below

Orillia: Staff

Student Life Manager: Mike Zecchino

705.325.2740, ext. 3007


Twitter: @mzecchino

Orillia: College Student Alliance


CSA logo
Strong Students. Strong Leaders. Strong Colleges.

The Georgian College Students’ Association (GCSA) belongs to the College Student Alliance (CSA). The CSA is a member-driven advocacy organization which proudly serves Ontario’s college and college-university students. The CSA currently represents over 70 per cent of all Ontario college students consisting of 16 colleges and 23 student associations with over 135,000 full-time students throughout the province.

As the only officially recognized voice for college and college-university students in Ontario, the CSA has a seat at the table of virtually every government and stakeholder committee and task force relating to postsecondary education. As a united voice through the CSA, college students have a powerful lobbying voice that is recognized for its depth of knowledge and ability to provide sustainable solutions to the issues facing postsecondary students.

CSA’s main competencies are advocacy related on behalf of its membership on all issues relating to college education including tuition, accessibility, quality and transferability. Independent of any political or organizational affiliations the CSA is dedicated to championing the needs of Ontario post-secondary students from the students’ perspective.

Additionally, the CSA works with each member Student Association – which includes the Georgian College Students’ Administrative Council – to ensure issues relating to their campus are addressed. Believing in the autonomy of each member student association, the CSA provides resources to enable and equip each member to better fulfil their role on campus.

The CSA is also active in supporting our member student associations as a partner when dealing with campus specific issues. We believe that our member student associations are the primary voice for their campuses and the CSA is committed to supporting that voice in whatever way deemed appropriate by our membership.

Owen Sound: Overview

The Georgian College Students’ Association (GCSA), Owen Sound campus, is the enthusiastic student government for student life at Georgian College. Six members work together to ensure your student career is as enjoyable, and fun-filled as possible. Check out the rest of this website to see exactly what we do, or come see us in the GCSA office located outside the cafeteria.

Check us out on Facebook.

Owen Sound: What we do

We plan many different events that suit students’ lifestyles. We have sports nights twice a week featuring a variety of different sports. We also have tournaments where you can get a group together and compete for prizes! If you like the social scene, we have themed pubs, and live entertainment featuring special guests. Click on our events tab for more information.

Do you enjoy being part of a club, or even being the president of your own? We have different clubs and associations that you can join to get to know people who have the same interests as you. Take a look at our Clubs and associations page to see the clubs that already exist, or to inquire about starting your own.

Do you like to get involved and give back to the community? We have numerous volunteer opportunities and ways to raise money for a wide variety of charities, giving you the chance to support something that touches your heart.

Maybe you want to work for Georgian College in our Fitness Centre, TLC Lounge, or TLC security? Check out our Get involved tab.

The GCSA works hard to provide Georgian College Owen Sound students with opportunities to make the best of their time spent here.

Owen Sound: Elected members

President: Marvin Nyende
519.376.0840 ext. 2050
Cell: 416.858.4261

Vice President, Athletics & Fitness: Brian Wood
Cell: 705.529.2243

Vice President, Internal Relations: Jessica Galea

Vice President, Social: Travis Misner
Cell: 519.372.5019

Vice President, Public Relations: Matthew D. Maung
Cell: 647.554.0048

Vice President, Administration: Steph McNabb
519.376.0840 ext. 2059

Owen Sound: Position descriptions

GCSA President:

The GCSA President provides leadership and guidance to the GCSA executive by:

  • keeping informed about what individual GCSA members are doing
  • ensuring group cohesiveness and teamwork within the council
  • holding GCSA members accountable to their position descriptions
  • holding a position on the College Council board
  • attending and chairing all GCSA executive meetings (except when a request has been made by another GCSA member to run a meeting)
  • preparing and presenting agenda to the GCSA executive and the Student Life advisor 48 hours prior to the weekly meeting, at which time the GCSA executive may bring forth any items they wish to have added to the agenda
  • acting as a liaison between GCSA and the Student Life advisor
  • reading all GCSA mail and pass it on as necessary
  • supervising and assisting to ensure that proper election procedures are met for the GCSA elections (unless re-running for a GCSA position)
  • attending monthly honorarium meetings of all GCSA members and provide review of performance
  • ensuring timely responses to all email in the President’s email account

GCSA Vice President of Internal Relations:

  • assisting the President by representing him/her in his/her absence
  • organizing class representative elections immediately following the start of fall semester and filling any vacant positions throughout the term
  • communicating issues raised by class representatives
  • promote GCSA activities to all class representatives via email once a week
  • email a copy of class representative email mock-up to all of the GCSA and the Student Life advisor at least one day prior to sending so that additions may be added and/or corrections can be made; Cc the President, Student Life advisor, and Director of Administration
  • attach a copy of the weekly meeting minutes to class representative email and post a copy on GCSA bulletin board
  • keep chalkboards and whiteboard up-to-date
  • check GCSA suggestion box regularly and raise any student concerns at weekly meeting
  • assist with the co-ordination of GCSA elections (unless re-running for a position)
  • attend President’s monthly honorarium meeting to provide review of performance

GCSA Vice President Social:

  • co-ordinate, organize and plan all activities, events, and announcements to ensure adequate promotions and maximum attendance by students
  • must attend all GCSA pub nights
  • responsible for the selection and booking of bands and other entertainment
  • responsible for the selection and booking of a DJ for GCSA pub nights
  • maintain a list of contacts to be kept on file for reference (position binder)
  • complete GCSA event report following each event
  • keep GCSA informed of all bookings

GCSA Vice President of Athletics:

  • oversee the co-ordination, organization, and promotion of all athletic events
  • act as the Chief Executive Officer of all committees relating to athletics
  • responsible for ensuring that all athletic rules, regulations, and policies are fair and equitable to all student groups and individuals
  • ensure all event sign-in sheets are completed at each athletic event
  • have all sports night and tournament sign-in sheets initialled by the President within one week of the event
  • complete event report following each tournament and have it initialled by the President within one week of the event
  • communicate any equipment requests or issues that may arise with equipment or sports nights/tournaments to the President

GCSA Vice President of Public Relations:

  • keep the students informed of GCSA events
  • informs the general public of council activities or events
  • develops a good working relationship with local media
  • takes meeting minutes in the absence of the Director of Administration
  • approves publications of other interested parties prior to positing information on any GCSA advertising medium
  • email a copy of all posters to the President and cc the event co-ordinator for approval prior to printing
  • sign and file all poster request forms

GCSA Vice President of Administration:

  • take accurate and detailed minutes of all GCSA meetings and distribute within 48 hours
  • keep up-to-date supply list and forwarding this list, as needed, to the Student Life advisor
  • keep Georgian College – Owen Sound Facebook Group up to date
  • keep up-to-date minutes binder and make available to GCSA and students
  • read and document motions that take place during a GCSA meeting
  • assist with the co-ordination of GCSA elections (unless re-running for a position)

Owen Sound: Documents

The GCSA is governed by two documents, the Constitution and the bylaws. We record all meetings.


The GCSA Constitution is the document put together by the Students’ Executive Council (Barrie, Orillia, and Owen Sound Students’ Administrative Council) to provide guidelines for all student governance at Georgian College.

The 2016 GCSA Constitution is currently under review and will be voted on Jan. 23, 2016. Please email any comments or concerns to mike.zecchino@georgiancollege.ca before Jan. 22.

GCSA Constitution 2016


The GCSA bylaws govern the GCSA, Owen Sound Campus. Each Georgian Campus has its own set of bylaws outlining GCSA job description and procedure protocols.


The GCSA holds weekly meetings during the fall and winter semesters to discuss student affairs. These meetings are open to any student who wishes to sit in. Click on the links below if you missed a meeting and want to read our minutes.

Owen Sound: Staff

Student Life Advisor: Sheona Morrison

519.376.0840, ext. 2048