Information Technology

About Information Technology

The Information Technology department at Georgian College provides the following services:

Log in to your Georgian College accounts

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log on to Blackboard
Employee portal
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Student email
Student portal

Login procedures

Information on default username and password for all student systems

  • Full-time students who have confirmed an offer to a Georgian program: You will have received a confirmation letter or letter of acceptance identifying the login and default password for all student systems.
  • Part-time students who have registered for individual courses through Continuing Education: You will receive this initial password to the preferred email provided after completing Georgian’s student number application.
  • If you have forgotten your login or password, please reset your password using the password management service or contact the IT Service Desk.
BannerGeorgian College Chevron

Banner is our student information system – it contains your records, contact information and, once you register for your courses, your timetable.

Instructions for logging in to Banner can be found on the Banner login page.

BlackboardGeorgian College Chevron

Blackboard is Georgian’s course management system. Blackboard allows you to communicate with your teachers and classmates online. You’ll be able to submit assignments, work on group projects and receive important information.

You can access Blackboard through a web browser both on and off campus. There’s also a free Blackboard mobile app.

To log in, visit the Blackboard login page. Use the same username and password as your student email and student portal accounts, outlined at the top of this page.

Computer accountGeorgian College Chevron

A computer account is created for all full-time and part-time students. You must log in to this account every time you use a college computer.

Student portalGeorgian College Chevron

The student portal is your one-stop-shop for online services at Georgian College. See your timetable, connect with your student advisor, stay on top of student news and more!

You can access the student portal through a web browser both on and off campus.

To log in, you must use your Georgian College login credentials. More information on how to log in can be found at the top of this page.

TurnitinGeorgian College Chevron

Turnitin is software that identifies text in your assignment that is similar to other Internet sources. Turnitin is used by some faculty to help maintain academic integrity in their courses.

There are two submission methods for Turnitin assignments. Ask your instructor how they want you to submit your assignment.

Option one: Submit via Blackboard

  • Log in to Blackboard, go into the specific course, and follow directions provided by your instructor.

Option two: Submit directly through Turnitin

Media Services

Media Services is the point of contact for AV and Event related inquiries and support:

  • In-classroom podium inquiries and support
  • Event support
  • Teams event support
  • Meeting room AV support and installation
  • Classroom AV design and installation

Media Services contact information (all campuses):


Welcome to the Georgian College Blackboard support page. Here, you will find a collection of useful resources that will guide you through performing common tasks within the Blackboard Learning Management System.

If you are new to Blackboard and want to learn how to get started, please refer to the tip sheets linked below or read our FAQs.

log on to Blackboard

Students experiencing login issues please contact IT Service Desk.

For support regarding content, test errors or Blackboard use, please contact your instructor.

Blackboard support update

As all classes have moved to online delivery, we have enabled additional Blackboard support.

Students and faculty can now speak to Blackboard directly for assistance by calling 1.249.498.5638 or toll free 1.844.788.9892.

Student Blackboard FAQs

I cannot login to Blackboard. What should I do?Georgian College Chevron

To login to Blackboard, use your Georgian College account as your username and use your current network/email password.

If you continue to have login problems, please contact IT Service Desk.

Why are my courses from last semester still showing in my account?Georgian College Chevron

Courses will remain in your account for three weeks after the semester has finished.

Once your grade has been entered into Banner, your enrolment to the course will be disabled and you will no longer see the course.

Why do some of my courses say “unavailable” beside the course title?Georgian College Chevron

All courses are created on Blackboard in an “unavailable to students” status.

Once your instructor has finished setting up the course, they will change the status to “available” and you will be able to click on the link and gain access.

To find out when a course will become available, please contact your instructor.

How do I submit an assignment using Turnitin?Georgian College Chevron

Blackboard orientation

Blackboard information for faculty members can be found on the Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) website.

Office 365

Your student email account is important because it’s the way we will communicate with you – make sure you check it often.

Microsoft Office 365 (O365) is Georgian’s student email system.

To check Georgian email on your phone or tablet, download the Microsoft Outlook app.

Student email address detailsGeorgian College Chevron
  • Email addresses are [email protected]
  • Your first and last name will be generated from the information in your Banner student record
  • If a duplicate email address results due to a common name, a number or other characters may be appended to your last name in the email address

Questions? Please contact IT Service Desk.

Login instructionsGeorgian College Chevron

You can access O365 through a web browser both on and off campus. All modern browsers are supported.

Use the same username and password as your student email and student portal accounts. For more information, see our login procedures tab.

Accessing your student email on a phone or tabletGeorgian College Chevron

To check Georgian email on your phone or tablet, download the Microsoft Outlook app.

Microsoft is making security changes that will require you to access your Georgian email from a phone app with modern authentication.

If you don’t download a Microsoft authorized app by Friday, July 29, you may no longer be able to access Georgian email from your mobile device.

Why download Microsoft Outlook?

  • Microsoft Outlook is safe and secure: Other pre-installed options on your device pose a risk.
  • It’s convenient: You can use Microsoft Outlook to access multiple email accounts, e.g., your Georgian account and personal accounts.

Download the app now:

Questions? Contact IT Service Desk.

check your Student email account

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about email

How did you choose my email address?Georgian College Chevron

The first and last name included in your email address is based on your first name and last name as indicated in Banner, Georgian’s student information system

Can I change my Georgian email address?Georgian College Chevron

If you change your name (either first or last) with the registrar’s office it will be updated in Banner.

Your email address will be updated to reflect the name change within five business days. You will receive an email when the update has been completed with the details of your new email address.

If I changed my name either first or last after the new email address was created what happens to the old email address?Georgian College Chevron

You will keep the old email address and it will become a secondary email address.

Email mailboxes can have multiple email addresses associated with them, one primary email address and multiple secondary email addresses. Any email address that is assigned to you will be linked to your mailbox for as long as your account is active at Georgian.

How do I set up and use Office 365 on my phone or tablet?Georgian College Chevron

Find out how to set up and use Office 365.

Q. What is clutter in Office 365?Georgian College Chevron

What is this “clutter” thing everyone is talking about? Clutter can help you filter low-priority email, saving time for your most important messages. The email server keeps track of the email you read and the ones you don’t.  Clutter is automatic. As new email comes in, it takes messages you’re most likely to ignore and puts them into the clutter folder. The more you use it, the better it gets. Plus, if you find clutter isn’t for you, you can turn it off.

More information about this feature and others are available on the Microsoft website.

What are the data limits on Office 365?Georgian College Chevron

The data limits in Office 365 are outlined below:

  • Mailbox size limit is 50GB
  • Message size limit 25MB


Need help with WebEx? Refer to the resources below:

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Important note about working on college computers

Before you start working on a college computer (PC or Mac), it is important for you to know the following information.

Restart the computer to make it available for the next student’s use.

All unsaved work will be deleted and will not not recoverable upon restart, log out or shutdown.

General computer FAQs

How do I forward my student email account to a personal email account?Georgian College Chevron

This function is not supported nor encouraged. It is college policy to use your student email account for academic use.

How do I transfer my files to a flash drive/memory stick?Georgian College Chevron

It is highly recommended you use your Georgian College OneDrive to save files.

Please follow these steps to save your files to a flash drive/memory stick:

  1. Highlight your file(s) and right click on the highlighted file(s) and choose from the menu
  2. Navigate to the drive letter representing your flash drive/memory stick
  3. Please right click again and choose from the menu
  4. Please ensure you disconnect your flash drive/memory stick properly from the computer

Please note, you should only use your flash drive/memory stick as your back up and to transfer files. Please do not rely on this technology as your only resource/copy of your files, as loss and corruption of files can occur!

I am experiencing problems when registering for courses. When should I call the IT department instead of the Registrar’s Office?Georgian College Chevron

Students receive a student number and login to Banner upon receipt of the application.  If you are unable to log into Banner, please contact the IT Service Desk.

The IT department is unable to assist with any registration questions once you have logged into Banner.

The registration process and the creation of your student account(s) are automated. The IT department is unable to assist with any registration questions. The process of creating your student account(s) will take approximately 48 hours AFTER the completion of your registration.

We will be glad to assist in any way we can once this process is complete.

For ANY registration related questions (payments, etc.), please contact the Office of the Registrar by email at [email protected] or call 705.722.1511.

I am experiencing technical difficulties with my personal computer. Who can I contact?Georgian College Chevron

The Information Technology department does not support personal computers and/or devices. If you require support for your personal computer and/or device, please contact your reseller or device vendor.

We may be able to suggest general tips and guidelines to you, but we are unable to offer hands on assistance to personal computers or devices.

If I’m a registered student from a different campus. Can I log into the computer in Barrie or vice versa?Georgian College Chevron

Yes, you can. Your student login account is universal throughout the college.

Where can I save my files?Georgian College Chevron

All students have access to OneDrive for Business to store files securely in the Microsoft Cloud.

Transfer files to Office 365 OneDrive for Business to avoid corruption on memory sticks and access your files from on and off campus.

The college uses Microsoft Office Suite exclusively. If you use another product elsewhere, convert the file(s) to a Microsoft Office format or save your document as a PDF or ‘rtf’ (rich text format) file before you bring your memory stick to the college to open or print the file(s).

How can I print on campus?Georgian College Chevron

For information on printing services available on campus, please refer to the Printing Services FAQ page.

How many print credits do I have?Georgian College Chevron

Please contact ONEcard for details on printing.

Where do I purchase print credits?Georgian College Chevron

Please contact ONEcard for details on printing and purchasing credits.

How do I print from my personal laptop?Georgian College Chevron

Please contact ONEcard for details on printing.

Mac FAQs

Where do I save my files on a Mac?Georgian College Chevron

File(s) should be saved to your Office 365 OneDrive or a USB flash drive or memory stick

Student application FAQs

How can I download the Microsoft Office Suite? Georgian College Chevron

All students with a valid Georgian College email address will be able to download and install Microsoft Office. The subscription is tied to your student email and only valid while you are an active student.

Office 365 is available for Windows, MacOS. If you experience issues related to logging in or licensing, please contact the Georgian College IT Service Desk.

If you experience issues installing the software or have problems while it’s running, please contact Microsoft for support.

How to download Microsoft Office:

To download, visit the student portal. Click on the app launcher in the top left corner and click Office 365. You’ll be able to install Office 365 apps by clicking Install Office and completing the installation prompts on your computer.

screenshot of the student portal and how to download Microsoft Office Suite
How can I submit my assignment through Turnitin?Georgian College Chevron

Please follow these easy steps to access Turnitin through your BlackBoard account

To submit an assignment to Turnitin in Blackboard (Bb):

  1. Login to Blackboard and select your course
  2. Click the Assignments link
  3. Click on the View/Complete link under the name of the assignment
  4. You will see the details of the Turnitin assignment. Click on the Submit button
  5. Choose single file upload
  6. Fill out the details necessary to submit your paper
  7. Browse to upload your file
  8. Click Upload
  9. Preview the paper. If this is the correct paper, click Submit
  10. Wait for results (results appear in as little as two minutes or as long as 24 hours)

To view results:

  1. Login to Blackboard and select your course.
  2. Click on the Assignments link
  3. Click on the View/Complete link under the name of the assignment
    • If the results are ready, a coloured box and percentage will show in the Similarity column; click on the coloured box to view the report.
    • NOTE: Your instructor may allow re-submissions. After submitting once, wait for the coloured box to appear rather than resubmitting the paper. Resubmitting the paper before receiving results may cause extensive delays.
  4. Click on the coloured box to view your results. If necessary, you may print the report for your course instructor by clicking on the Print/Download icon near the bottom left corner of the Originality Report (you may need to enable pop-ups in your browser).

To resubmit your paper (your professor must allow re-submissions):

  1. Login to Blackboard and select your course
  2. Click on the Assignments link
  3. Click on the View/Complete link under the name of the assignment
  4. Click on Resubmit (the ability to resubmit will disappear after the due date of the assignment)
    • To view resubmission results, follow the instructions above
When will I have access to BlackBoard?Georgian College Chevron

Every student enrolled in courses will automatically receive a BlackBoard account.

There may be some discrepancies during the add/drop period. This may create some temporary confusion. If you don’t see the appropriate course, please allow three to five days for the system to update itself.

Any questions should be directed to your professor or instructor.

Wireless and mobile device FAQs

Can I connect my personal computer or laptop to Georgian College’s network?Georgian College Chevron

Georgian College’s wireless network is available to all students and guests. It is available at all campuses and all buildings.

We do not guarantee uninterrupted service and will do our best to reinstate connection issues.

Note, you will be unable to access any college network resources while connected to the wireless network.

How can I connect my student email to my personal device?Georgian College Chevron

Find out how to set up and use Office 365.

How do I web print from my personal laptop or device?Georgian College Chevron

Please go to the following URL:

This allows students to print from their personal devices to the printers in the library.  Enter your student credentials to access the service.

Limited to 10 MB file size at this present time for print jobs.

Please click on the “Help” menu for colour printing and follow the steps indicated.

WebPrint help

Staff Blackboard FAQs

Course availability: What do I have to do at the beginning of a semester?Georgian College Chevron

At the beginning of a semester, all course shells are created with a default status of unavailable. This allows faculty to develop and organize course content before giving access to their students. When ready, all faculty must set their course status to available so that students are able to access it. Instructions on setting the course availability can be found in the tip sheets section of the Blackboard login page.

What if I do not see my courses?Georgian College Chevron

Courses and faculty assignments will appear automatically within Blackboard, usually within 12 hours after the faculty member has been assigned to the course within Banner. Faculty assignments within Banner must be made by your academic officer.

If you do not see your courses within Blackboard, please contact your academic officer or program area to ensure that you have been assigned to the course within Banner.

How are new faculty hires impacted by the Banner and Blackboard integration?Georgian College Chevron

The process works exactly the same for new faculty. Once they are assigned to a course in the Banner system, they will be given a Blackboard shell for each course assignment. However, new faculty hires must first be set up with accounts in the human resource and IT systems before they can be granted access to Blackboard. Unfortunately this may represent an unavoidable delay in getting some new faculty hires into Blackboard. It is essential that the academic officers contact HR to have the processing expedited to have the new instructor added to Banner and then communicate the faculty assignment to scheduling. Although there may be delays caused by this bottleneck, this is part of a larger process to integrate all systems at Georgian. A new HR system is scheduled to be implemented by fall 2009 that will help to alleviate this bottleneck.

What if I am missing students in my Blackboard course?Georgian College Chevron

Students are enrolled automatically through the official Banner registration process. Faculty no longer have the ability to add/remove students manually from a course, and should not contact the Blackboard Administrator to have a student enrolled if they do not appear in Blackboard. If a student does not appear in Blackboard as expected, this likely means that the student has unpaid fees or a hold on their account. Please have the student contact the Registrar’s Office to identify and resolve the issue. If your students are auditing your course, they must be entered in Banner. Please have the students contact the Registrar’s Office to complete this request.

What if I have trouble logging into Blackboard?Georgian College Chevron

Blackboard account names and passwords are synchronized with your Georgian email account. This applies for all faculty, staff and students.

If you have trouble accessing Blackboard or have forgotten your password, please contact the IT Service Desk for assistance.

How do I combine multiple sections of a course?Georgian College Chevron

Blackboard has a course merge tool that will allow you to combine multiple sections of a course and keep your enrolments up to date, even after the sections are merged. It is not necessary to reconcile your student lists with Banner as this will be maintained automatically. Instructions for the course merge tool can be found in the tip sheets section on the Blackboard login page.

What happens at the end of a term?Georgian College Chevron

All courses will remain available for up to three weeks following the end of a semester. Students will be able to access course materials in the course and review their grades during this time.

Once final grades are submitted to Banner, the course becomes inaccessible to both students and faculty. In the instance that a student has not received a final grade or has an incomplete status in Banner, both the faculty and the student will continue to have access to the course. This will allow students with an incomplete status to continue work on a course. As per college policy, four months after the end of term, incomplete are rolled to an F. This makes it the responsibility of the instructor to enter the valid grade before that point if the student completes their work.

During this three-week period is when faculty should be taking archives of their current courses for future use. Please see the tip sheet section on the Blackboard login page for assistance with archiving and importing content.

Contact us

Information Technology (IT) Service Desk

IT Service Desk is the central point of contact for IT-related inquiries and support:

  • Password and access management
  • College computers and IT technologies
  • In-classroom computer lab support
  • College software and AppsAnywhere
  • Network access and WiFi

Please note: IT Service Desk does not support personal computers and/or devices. If you require support for your personal computer and/or device, please contact your reseller or device vendor.

IT Service Desk contact information (all campuses):

Tech on the Go: Laptop kiosks

Georgian is offering free, short-term loaner laptops, dispensed through automated machines, to students at the Barrie, Orillia and Owen Sound campuses. Tech on the GO laptops are meant for on-campus, emergency use and must be returned within 24 hours. Charging cables are not provided with the laptops.

  • Who: Any current student with a fully-activated ONEcard can borrow a laptop on the go.
  • What: These Dell laptops come pre-loaded with Microsoft Office and access to AppsAnywhere, Georgian’s online library of software. They do not include a charging cable. There are 44 laptops available in Barrie, six available in Orillia and six available in Owen Sound.
  • When: Laptops will be available while campuses are open.
  • Where: Outside campus libraries in Barrie, Orillia and Owen Sound
  • How: To borrow or return a laptop:
    • follow the prompts (that includes signing a user agreement)
    • scan your activated ONEcard
    • remove or return your laptop