Student Code of Conduct – Student of concern committee

1. Purpose

The purpose of the Student of Concern Committee (SOCC) is to provide a means for early intervention of at-risk students through collaboration with campus departments, faculty and staff. Students exhibiting behaviours that are of concern in relation to their personal, physical and emotional well-being should be referred to SOCC. The Students of Concern Committee is not meant to be the sole mechanism of communication and will not take the place of services provided by Student Success Services, Campus Safety Services or other established student services.

2. Structure

  • 2.1 The Student of Concern Committee regular members include:
    • Dean of Students
    • Director, Accessibility & Well-Being
    • Director of Campus Safety Services
    • Counseling Case Manager
    • Registrar
    • Manager of Conflict Resolution and Investigations
    • Manager of Residence Life
    • Dean or designate, International Education and Development
  • 2.2 The Committee would consult with various college roles and departments, which include, but are not limited to:
    • Department administrators
    • International Centre
    • Deans and Associate Deans
    • Faculty and staff
    • Campus Managers/Principals
    • local police authority
    • other relevant agencies

3. Role of the SOCC:

  • to provide a centralized structure for campus departments and offices that need help dealing with a student who is displaying concerning, disruptive and/or distress behaviour
  • to develop a strategic plan of action to ensure the safety of the student and the campus at large
  • to ensure that information is shared amongst strategic partners concerned about student welfare

4. Procedure

  • 4.1 When a student exhibits behaviours of high concern and could potentially be at risk to self and others the SOCC co-ordinates a proactive effort to prevent and/or manage the situation. SOCC is NOT for emergencies. If there is an emergency, call ext.5100.
  • 4.2 Referable Concerning Behaviours
    • unusual or erratic behaviour in class, in the residence halls, during advising session, etc.
    • extended absence from class or activities by a typically engaged student
    • written work or creative expression with troubling themes or references
    • verbal or written threats made by a student toward another student, faculty, and/or staff
    • written or verbal expressions of suicidal ideation or intent
    • other actions which cause an alarm or call into question the safety of the student or their peers
  • 4.3 Behavioural Response Plan of Action
    • a faculty or staff member (hereafter Point of Contact) believes that a critical incident or circumstance has reached a high level of concern
    • Point of Contact submits Care and Concern report through the Dean of Students
    • the SOCC chair will evaluate the situation and consult with team members to determine what further steps are required
    • Point of Contact will receive coordinated plans of action for various critical scenarios, with duties and responsibilities assigned to the appropriate unit as needed

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Contact information

Dean of Students

  • 705.728.1968, ext. 1400

Campus Safety Services

  • Urgent: 705.728.1968, ext. 5100
  • Non-urgent: 705.722.5100 or ext. 6111

Student Services

  • Barrie: 705.722.1523
  • Midland: 705.526.3666
  • Muskoka: 705.646.7629
  • Orangeville: 519.940.0331
  • Orillia: 705.325.2740, ext. 3113 or 705.329.3113
  • Owen Sound: 519.376.0840, ext. 2099
  • South Georgian Bay: 705.445.2961