Run-With-A-Recruiter Day gives Georgian students insight into OPP recruitment
June 16, 2017

The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) and Georgian teamed up on “Run-With-A-Recruiter Day”, a new engagement initiative to provide recruitment tips and a training run for Georgian students.

On Friday, June 16, students in the Police Foundations and Community and Justice Services programs donned their Georgian fitness uniforms and headed next door to the OPP’s Orillia Headquarters to participate in the two-part event. It was a rare, first-hand opportunity to learn about the OPP recruitment process.

group of students wearing black t-shirts and shorts with Georgian College logo on front with OPP constable ourside of building on sunny day

First, the students had a meet-and-greet with Sgt. Brian Braekevelt, a secondary screener in OPP recruitment. Braekevelt shared insights into the recruitment process, including what the OPP look for regarding the application, resumé and cover letter.

Afterwards, the group joined Jordan Barber of OPP’s Wellness Unit for a 2.4-kilometre run, followed by a question and answer session about the OPP’s physical fitness expectations.

The idea began in collaboration with Georgian students Keith Causton and Waseer Rahman, when Allison Lawrence, OPP’s Social Media coordinator, noticed the Georgian students ramping up their fitness training with #OPP60. The social media hashtag refers to a “60-Minute Challenge” in which participants run one extra minute per workout over a period of 90 days until the participant reaches, or is closest to, the 60-minute mark.

“When we launched #OPP60 we had no idea how successful it would be in bringing communities together and motivating individuals to reach their fitness goals,” said Inspector Sue Clark, Manager of Uniform Recruitment. “The students at Georgian College, in particular, have shown a tremendous dedication towards a healthy lifestyle and exceptional teamwork skills; two key attributes that we look for in Recruits.”