Practising self-care on World Mental Health Day? Remember N.E.S.T.S.
October 08, 2021

Sunday, Oct. 10 is World Mental Health Day.

Many of us have experienced extra ups and downs over the past 18 months. Now more than ever, we need to support ourselves and each other – and take care of our well-being.

N.E.S.T.S. is a simple acronym you can refer to when thinking about ways to practise self-care.

  • Nutrition: Try meal planning. Drink water. Pay attention to how eating different foods makes you feel.
  • Exercise and movement: Find activities that work best for you! Check out Georgian Grizzlies Fitness on Instagram for different ways to incorporate movement into your day.  
  • Sleep: Create a sleep routine. Use an alarm. Create a sleep friendly environment. Keep your sleeping area cool. Read more sleep tips from Georgian faculty member and Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner Christine Lang.
  • Time for self: Explore your interests. Enjoy your favorite hobby. Spend time outside.  
  • Support: Access counselling if you need help. Georgian students and employees can check out Mental Health and Well-being sites on the student and employee portals for information on counselling, our Employee Assistance Program (EAP), helpful apps, as well as online and community resources.
A student walking in the autumn woods with a backpack. Light filtering through the trees.
If you live in Ontario, this is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy the fall colours.

Are you a Georgian student? Here are two new resources to help you put your mental health and well-being first.

Be Well @ Georgian

A new text service that sends helpful tips right to your phone when you need them most!

Learn more about Georgian resources and workshops. Be reminded of ways to take care of your well-being.

Conversations in Mental Health @ Georgian

Put your mental health and well-being at the centre of your educational experience.

Take 45 to 60 minutes to complete this new mandatory online course designed to help you flourish. Find it in Blackboard under My Courses.

Mental Health and Well-Being at Georgian College logo

Faculty and employees can access these resources too. Instructors can access Conversations in Mental Health from their BlackBoard homescreen. Employees can request access by emailing