New bachelor’s degree in interior design offered at Georgian
March 06, 2016

Those interested in pursuing a career in interior design received welcome news when Georgian announced the addition of the Bachelor of Interior Design to its line-up of innovative Design and Visual Arts programs. This four-year degree starts in September at the Barrie Campus and includes a work term. Picture of brightly lit, but empty space

The curriculum – which meets current Council for Interior Design Accreditation standards of delivery and content – will equip students with exceptional design knowledge and skills, says Paul Koidis, Associate Dean, Design and Visual Arts.

“The Bachelor of Interior Design degree offers a uniquely collaborative learning experience that includes hands-on learning and opportunities to foster creative development, problem-solving, strategic thinking and teamwork,” says Koidis.

In addition to creating interior environments, students will also learn to:

  • Solve design problems using research, analysis, synthesis and creativity
  • Analyze the universality of design principles and elements
  • Produce sophisticated designs with character and quality of space
  • Integrate the principles of sustainability in creative design concepts

Graduates may pursue careers in a wide variety of areas including corporate, commercial, health care, hospitality and residential.