Huntsville HS and Danforth CTI take first place in Georgian College High School Culinary Competition
May 04, 2011

5 Chefs holding Trophy

Miranda Adams (front, left) and Atisha Khan of Danforth CTI win first place in the baking category in Georgian College’s eighth annual High School Culinary competition.

Teams from Huntsville High School and Danforth Collegiate and Technical Institute (CTI) took first place in the cooking and baking categories at Georgian College’s High School Culinary Competition held May 3.

The budding chefs competed for scholarships in the eighth annual culinary event held at Georgian’s Barrie Campus. The annual competition introduces secondary-level students to a competitive cooking environment and shows them the many career paths the culinary industry has to offer. This year, 48 students from high schools across the region competed.

All full-time high school students who have been enrolled in cooking-related courses during Grades 9 to 12 were eligible to enter. In the cooking category, each two-member team had three hours to prepare, cook and present a three-course meal (appetizer, main course and dessert) from an ingredient list supplied by the college. Clean-up time had to be factored in too!

The young chefs had to keep in mind:

  • cooking methods
  • nutritional balance
  • basic menu writing principles
  • maximum utilization of the ingredients

They were also judged on:

  • safe work practices
  • sanitation
  • organizational skills
  • technique
  • knife skills
  • presentation
  • flavour and taste

Innovative culinary ideas

There were lots of innovative ideas and some very creative presentations that came out of the busy Georgian kitchens. Philip Leach, Georgian Culinary instructor, was stationed in one of them. He was amazed by the display of culinary know-how, and the concentration and dedication exhibited by the participants.

“These high school students are not only possibly future Georgian students, they’re also the future leaders of the culinary world. There’s no limit to what they can do if they choose to pursue their culinary ambitions,” said Leach.

Atisha Khan, a student at Danforth CTI, said she was quite nervous in the hours leading up to the competition. “I kept asking myself, ‘What if everything goes wrong?’” said Atisha. “But then, once you start cooking, everything falls into place.” Things did come together for Atisha, as she was part of the winning team in the baking category along with Miranda Adams.

The first-place winners in the cooking division were Megan Powell and Cristie Campbell of Huntsville High School.

For more information about the competition or about Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation programs offered at Georgian College, please contact Michael Bakogeorge, General Manager, School of Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation, at 705-728-1968, ext. 1414.