Get into the game with Georgian’s new Sport Administration diploma
March 11, 2016

Georgian’s new Sport Administration diploma prepares students for the workplace through practical knowledge and learning in state-of-the-art facilities. The two-year program starts September at the Barrie Campus.

A young man in a business suit shakes hands with a young man in a soccer uniform on a soccer fieldStudents will learn the fundamentals of business administration through courses in accounting, marketing, technology, research and entrepreneurship. Operations in sport organizations are also explored through classes in fundraising, sponsorship, program planning, tournament organization and scheduling, fitness and outdoor recreation.

Students will benefit from Georgian’s state-of-the-art facilities, including the 10,000-square-foot fitness centre, and two field placements that will help them put their skills to work in real-world settings.

Emphasis on experiential learning will give students an edge when they graduate into the working world, says Sue Lemmon, program co-ordinator.

“The practical experience obtained through community leadership opportunities and field placements allows students to learn on the job,” she says. “They will be able to see what employers are looking for before they graduate into the field, as well as gain valuable skills outside of the curriculum.”

Entry-level career opportunities exist in amateur athletic associations, professional sport organizations, sport governing bodies, municipal parks and recreation departments, college and university athletic centres, varsity and intramural programs, community facilities, sport retailers, and more.