Georgian students score 100 per cent on pipe welding exam
June 28, 2011

On June 18, five Georgian students from the Robbert Hartog Midland Campus attained an overall perfect score on one of the most difficult-to-pass welding competency tests in Ontario. The test was run by the Technical Standards and Safety Association, regulators of pressure welding in the province.

Chantel Brown, Mathew Miner, Shawn Smith, Michael Zondervan and Rob Young, initially trained as structural welders and subsequently went on to complete pressure weld training with lead instructor Bob Denison. Pipe welding rules are stricter than structural welding. Students needed to pass the test before they could pursue lucrative welding roles in the pressure pipe industry.

“The students put in a huge effort during the past two months of training,” says Bob. “To succeed at pipe welding takes total dedication and hours of practice. The students met the challenge and more.”

They completed a shielded metal arc welding test on a two-inch, schedule 80 pipe (thicker wall pipe than standard pipe) in the 6G position – the pipe was set up at a 45 degree angle and couldn’t be rotated during the exam. The test is difficult for any skilled welder. Passing the exam with a score of 100 per cent is a testament to the students’ hard work and preparation.

“The Canadian Welding Association advises that there are, and will be, significant retirements of skilled welders in our country over the next few years,” says Philip LeBoeuf, Manager of Part-time Studies. “They also caution that over 33 per cent of Canada’s GNP involves welding processes. Georgian College is doing its part to replenish the pool of welders and provide welding industry employers with long-term skilled operators.”