Georgian College welcomes furry friends on campus to help students through exam stress
April 15, 2013

Georgian College teamed up with Therapeutic Paws of Canada in a pilot program aimed at reducing the stress and anxiety students can feel during the busy end-of-year exam period. Students were invited to drop by a classroom at the Barrie Campus today to enjoy the unconditional love of a therapy dog.

Robyn Glassier works in the Student Life department at Georgian. She co-ordinated the initiative to bring the dogs on campus because she feels that the end-of-year exam period can be particularly stressful for some students.

Therapy Dog April 15 2013

Paramedic student Kate Downer gets to know Freeman the therapy dog at an event organized by Georgian’s Student Life department to help students relieve exam stress. Downer was finishing up her last day at the college and was happy to complete her time as a student with a friendly furry face sending her off.

“We want our students to know that we support them,” said Glassier. “And initiatives like this communicate that we care about their overall well-being. If we can bring in trained furry friends to help reduce blood pressure for our students and spread some joy, then why not?”