Co-curricular record offers many benefits to students
April 12, 2016

students holding handsGeorgian students are being encouraged to explore the benefits of adding a co-curricular record (CCR) to their student records, and staff and faculty have a role to play.

Staff and faculty asked to help spread the word about the CCR. Also, if asked by students, they should be prepared to complete a simple online form outlining all positions, opportunities or volunteer experiences students have had with them over the academic year (September to April.)

These can be paid, unpaid, long-term or one-time events that can be validated and linked with a learning competency (and are not recognized academically.)

Here are highlights of the CCR:

  • Students who participate in co-curricular activities [CCR] that are not recognized on their academic transcript now have the opportunity to seek out official recognition
  • CCR is an official document created to enhance a resumé, career, academic and/or personal portfolio
  • Endorses and communicates college involvement and experience
  • Validated by a staff, faculty or college supporter
  • Officially signed by the Vice President, Academic and Student Engagement and the Associate Vice President, Dean of Students
  • Students can use it to support applications for jobs, co-ops, internships, scholarships, awards and future development experiences
  • Visit to get started