Peer mentors help new students settle into college
December 21, 2020

Every Georgian student can apply to have a peer mentor, and it’s especially encouraged for students starting their first semester.

Peer mentors are upper-year students who will help you transition to college life. They’re committed to enhancing your personal, academic, social and professional growth.

Not only do mentors provide helpful tips and keep you on track with important dates and events, they also build a sense of community.

At group meetings, you’ll meet other mentees. It’s a great way to make friends at Georgian, especially if you’re studying remotely and don’t have as many chances to interact with classmates.

Meet Julie and Andrea: A fantastic mentor/mentee match!

Mentor Julie Caterini and mentee Andrea Cox were matched in September 2020. Julie’s in the Social Service Worker program and Andrea’s in the Child and Youth Care program. They immediately had a passion for human services work in common.

In this short video, Julie and Andrea talk about what made them want to join the peer mentorship program, what kinds of things they talk about, and the best piece of advice they’ve given/received.

How does it work?

At this time, you’ll meet with your mentor via WebEx videoconferences. This includes weekly group meetings and one-on-one meetings as needed. At the group meetings, you’ll learn about various student services, upcoming events you can take part in, and just get to know each other and share your Georgian experiences.

When full on-campus learning is restored following the pandemic, mentors and mentees will resume meetings in person.

Peer mentor vs. tutor: What’s the difference?

A peer mentor provides social and emotional support to new students, helping to empower students to flourish through their first year at college and beyond.

A tutor provides academic support. Learn more about tutoring.

Register now to be matched with a peer mentor

Any Georgian student can sign up as a mentee! We match students on an ongoing basis.

Interested in becoming a peer mentor?

Do you want to use your Georgian experience to help other students excel in college? If you’re in second semester or beyond and in good academic standing, consider applying to become a peer mentor. The time commitment is about 10 hours a week but can be more during busy times like start up and exams, and less at other periods.

We tend to recruit about one month before the start of a new term and advertise in the news and announcements section on the student portal. You can also email us at