New online toolkit to benefit students, schools and employers
July 03, 2019

In collaboration with experts from Niagara College and Brock University, Georgian has developed an Experiential Learning Toolkit to help businesses, community partners and postsecondary institutions design, deliver and evaluate programs that provide students with hands-on experience.

The toolkit provides answers to common experiential learning questions asked by faculty, academic leaders, community and industry partners. It consists of 16 online modules that offer examples, interactive tools, links to external resources, as well as fillable and downloadable planning and development worksheets. The toolkit also includes specific information for non-profit partners engaging in experiential learning and highlights the Social Enterprise Network of Central Ontario (senco), Georgian’s own social enterprise resource.

“The toolkit was created to ensure students have the opportunity to engage in meaningful experiential learning opportunities to develop the skills required for their academic growth and career success,” says Megan Fenton, Georgian project lead. “Many of Georgian’s external partners want to provide students with a quality work-based experience but aren’t always sure how to do that. This toolkit will help us work more collaboratively to ensure our students get the practical experience they need to excel in the workforce, and our partners can address their business and long-term talent needs with job-ready graduates.”

Experiential Learning Toolkit logo

The project was supported by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, under the ministry’s Career Ready Fund.

What’s experiential learning?

Students apply their knowledge and skills to practical challenges and situations and then reflect on their experience in focused and guided ways.

Experiential learning can:

  • Consist of credit and non-credit opportunities
  • Comprise all or part of a course, or an entire program of study
  • Happen on or off campus
  • Take a variety of forms – from community service learning and field placements, to co-ops and internships

Top 3 benefits for students:

  • Clarity around academic and career goals
  • Enhanced professional networks
  • Enriched communication, critical thinking, problem-solving and leadership skills

Top 3 benefits for employers and community partners:

  • Fresh perspective on the delivery of programs, services and products
  • Innovative solutions to specific business or industry needs
  • Access to highly skilled talent

Did you know? Georgian is Ontario’s #1 co-op college and a recognized leader in student work experience with the support of 6,200 employers.