How to turn your diploma into a degree: Three options
February 16, 2021

If you want to start with a college diploma before transitioning into a degree program, here are three pathways to explore.

A Georgian police foundations grad in his work uniform, sitting on a motorcycle

1. Complete a specific Georgian diploma then fast track through a Georgian degree

Some Georgian diploma programs have established pathways into Georgian degrees. Completing one of these diplomas allow you to gain advanced standing in specific Georgian bachelors’ programs:

An environmental tech student practicing her surveying skills

2. Complete your Georgian diploma then transfer to another institution

Each institution has its own way of assessing your Georgian credits and credentials.

However, Georgian has hundreds of established articulation and transfer agreements with universities and colleges (all over Canada and the world!) that reduce the number of courses you need to take to get a degree after completing your diploma.

For example, a transfer agreement might allow a Georgian Business Administration – Human Resources grad to complete a Business Administration – Human Resources degree from Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand in just over a year.

A smiling young woman in a business suit, sitting at a desk in front of a laptop

3. Transfer from another accredited institution into a Georgian degree

Whether you completed a diploma program at another college or stopped part-way, you might be able to use some of your credits toward a Georgian degree.

To get a sense of how your courses might transfer into a Georgian program, start with our Transfer Equivalency Tool. After that, you’ll need to complete a Credit Transfer Form and get it approved by our Registrar’s Office.

If you have additional relevant work or life experience, you might want to consider trying to gain credits through our Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) process.

For options two or three, remember that transfer requests are assessed on a case-by-case basis, so they require quite a bit of time. Once you’ve decided on a pathway, give yourself at least two months to complete the application and credit transfer process.

Questions about credit transfers? We can help!

You can find more information and helpful links on the Georgian Credit Transfer webpage. If you need additional support, reach out to our friendly credit transfer team at