How to make the perfect snow angel
December 07, 2018

Making a snow angel is a totally Canadian thing to do every winter. Here are some tips to help you create the perfect one.

  1. Look for a nice big patch of undisturbed white snow. Keep in mind that fresh powder – usually after a big snowstorm – works much better than hard packed snow. And most importantly: Try to avoid any yellow areas, rocks and sketchy undetermined brownish lumps.
  2. Next, you need to get from where you are to the angel site without leaving footprints. Depending on your age, you may want to warm up with a few practice squats (we don’t want anyone blowing a hammie); when you’re ready, squat low and do a standing long jump. Be sure to land on your feet.
  3. Make a 180 degree turn with as little foot movement as possible.
  4. Extend your arms and carefully fall backward into the welcoming arms of the snow; try to land in a T position.
  5. Open and close your legs repeatedly while raising your extended arms above your head. It’s just as if you’re doing jumping jacks. Repeat this motion several times for the best results.
  6. Exiting your snow angel the right way can make or break your new creation. Bring your feet to your bum and sit up. Once you’re in a crouched position, you can use your hands to help get you stand but be sure to only place them within the angel. Once you’re standing, do another jump out of the angel.
  7. When you’re out, remember to take a moment to admire your hard work. Snap a picture and tag using @Georgian to show the rest of the Georgian community what an angel you truly are!

Wondering what to do if you can’t make it to class due to poor weather? Read Georgian’s campus closure procedure.