Georgian launches new AI graduate certificate
September 01, 2020

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to rapidly transform the way organizations and their employees work, Georgian College’s new graduate certificate program, Artificial Intelligence – Architecture, Design and Implementation, will help prepare the next generation of graduates for careers in one of today’s fastest-growing transformational technologies.

The program starts this January at the Barrie Campus.

Students will acquire the necessary background to become AI system designers, programmers, implementers, or machine learning analysts. With a strong focus on applied skills, they’ll learn how to design and implement supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement learning solutions for a variety of situations and solve AI challenges for a diverse set of industries. 

“The AI computing paradigm radically changes the functionality and capabilities of computer systems, and through this program students will solve complex AI challenges and power next generation businesses through the application of machine learning,” says Tim Krywulak, Associate Dean, Design and Visual Arts.

The program combines 14 courses covering everything from advanced study in AI infrastructure, architecture, machine learning frameworks, reinforcement learning, to neural networks, vision and conversation systems. Students will learn how to select, configure and apply the right technology tools to solve a given challenge using AI. They will also work on a major project during their second semester applying infrastructure and architecture concepts to develop an AI solution that solves a real-world challenge.

A male with dark hair and glasses working on a robotics machine

Graduates will be prepared to fulfill a wide-range of roles such as AI system designers, programmers, implementers, or machine learning technologists. 

“There is an immense demand for highly skilled graduates in the field of AI as it’s a key disruptive technology driving the digital economy,” says Dr. Bill Angelakos, Dean, Technology and Visual Arts, Georgian College. “It will impact future jobs and how we do things in a big way.”

The program will be taught by industry-expert faculty, giving students the opportunity to explore a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and applied skills.

Learn more about the program – and how you can apply for classes.