Future mechanic wins iPad
June 18, 2014

Carmen smiles and holds up her new iPad, still in its box.Petite Carmen Makinson just graduated from high school in Wiarton and already knows what she’s going to be – a mechanic.

“I love cars and work on them all the time with my stepdad,” she explains. “Putting one together is a great way to work your brain, kind of like a puzzle.”

The eighteen-year-old is excited about joining the Mechanical Techniques – Small Engine Mechanic program at Georgian College’s Robbert Hartog Midland Campus this September. She looks forward to checking out the campus with her family sometime this summer, particularly the 39,000 square-foot shop space.

“I’m excited to work in the skilled trades,” she says. “A lot of women don’t think they can do it, or feel it’s a ‘guy’ thing – but I think women are detail-oriented and make excellent tradespeople. I know I’m a perfectionist, and that will make me better at my job.”

Carmen became even more excited about the upcoming school year when she heard she had won a brand new iPad through Georgian’s Connect With Us contest. She filled out the Connect With Us form in passing, while researching programs on the Georgian College website.

“I never win anything, so I was really surprised,” she says. “I use my laptop for everything, so I’m looking forward to giving it a break for a change.” She plans to bring her new learning tool to future classes and can’t wait to use it to stay connected and listen to music.

Congratulations, Carmen!