College – you can afford this!
March 04, 2019

Postsecondary education is an investment in your future. We know many students find it tough to make ends meet, which is why we offer so many options to help you pay your way to graduation.


You can get help paying for school through the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP). Try the quick OSAP calculator to find out how much you can get. Students, who are in the greatest financial need and are eligible with the new guidelines, can still receive OSAP funding.


Bursaries provide aid to students who have qualified for OSAP and need additional assistance. Start your education at Georgian with $1,000 toward your tuition. The application deadline is March 31. Check them out.


Georgian raises over $1 million annually for awards and scholarships – and they’re not just for students with top grades! Many awards also consider community involvement, leadership, and financial need. And it’s not hard to apply. There are no paper forms to fill out and you can easily apply online. Our application system even does some of the work for you. Find out more.


Many of our programs offer paid co-op, as well as access to summer employment programs and part-time work-study employment opportunities on campus for eligible students with financial need.

And there are dozens of part-time student jobs on campus. Here’s a comprehensive list to help you earn while you learn. Many of these positions fill up over the summer and early fall, so now’s the perfect time to update your resumé and cover letter. Watch for job fair notices and job postings starting in the spring.

Photo of student sitting in the library with a book


Did you know that most banks offer student loans? Contact yours to learn about options, procedures, and deadlines.


We can help you build a budget plan, strategize to control your expenses, and investigate borrowing options.

Questions? Email the Financial Aid office or call 705.722.1530.