11 ways to stay productive over winter break
December 18, 2020

Winter break is finally here, Grizzlies! The end of the fall semester means no more early morning classes, exams to study for or final assignments to work on.

If you’re wondering how you can stay productive over winter break, check out these tips for making the best of your time off before classes start up again in January.

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student sitting and reading a book on the floor by an outside door overlooking snowy scenery

1. Refresh your resumé

Spend some time updating your resumé to keep it current. Include your most recent grade point average (GPA), add any new courses you’ve taken, highlight any recent achievements and include any relevant experience gained through co-op work terms or volunteering. View these resumé tips for students.

2. Apply for awards, scholarships and bursaries

The winter application cycle for awards, scholarships and bursaries opened on Dec. 15 and our new application system makes it easier than ever with just one application. Don’t miss out on free money to help pay your way to graduation! Explore award, scholarship and bursary opportunities at Georgian.

3. Learn a new skill

Did you know all Georgian students have free access to LinkedIn Learning? Over winter break, consider enrolling in a course that’s relevant to your professional interests and goals. Gain new skills and don’t forget to add them to your resumé! Find out how to get started with LinkedIn Learning.

4. Evaluate your finances and redo your budget

Reflect on your finances over the past semester or year. Evaluate where you’re spending your money. Are you ordering take-out too often? Spending more than you should shopping online? Look for ways you can reduce your spending or save money and redo your budget. Check out these budgeting tips and tricks.

5. Declutter and organize your space

The end of a year is a great time to declutter your space and organize your belongings. Purge your closet and donate items you no longer wear. Clear your desk and get organized! Start the new year and upcoming semester with a fresh slate so you can focus on your studies without the added stress of clutter.

6. Clean up your files

Netween semesters is a great time to organize your files. Archive your assignments and notes from last semester and create new folders to help prepare you for your upcoming courses. Think about clearing your email inbox and freeing up space on your phone to make new memories!

7. Read a book

It’s time to put the textbooks down. Curl up on the couch and read a book for pleasure, whether it’s a classic favourite you’ve already read, one you started but never finished, or a new book someone has recommended to you.

8. Watch a documentary

Instead of binging on the latest episode of your favourite Netflix series, expand your knowledge and learn more about a certain subject by watching a documentary. From nature, history and world events to true crime, music and more, there’s something for everyone. Check out this list of best documentaries on Netflix right now.

9. Learn a new recipe

Branch outside of your weekly meal plan and learn how to make a new recipe. Try your hand at a family recipe or get festive with a holiday recipe. Not sure where to start? Take a look at this list of holiday baking recipes for, quite literally, some food for thought!

10. Set goals

As you head into a new year, set some goals for yourself. Maybe you’d like to improve your study habits, volunteer more, eat healthier, get more exercise or keep in touch with your loved ones. Don’t forget to set SMART goals (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound) so you can achieve your objectives.

11. Get some rest and indulge in some self-care

It might seem counterproductive, but be sure to get some rest, re-energize and take care of yourself over the break. Turn off your alarms and sleep in for a day, or practise your favourite hobbies or past-times. Whatever you do, take some well-deserved time to catch your breath and recharge as you prepare for the new semester. Read our self-care guide for college students for tips.