11 ways to stay motivated this semester
January 17, 2019

Between a full calendar and blustery winter days, it can be hard to keep motivated and on track. Here are some great hacks from Georgian’s advisors:

  • Connect with others. The options to get involved at Georgian are endless – from student clubs and athletics, to changemaking projects and events.
  • Get to know your profs. They’re experts in their field and want you to succeed. Take in their inspiring stories and advice.
  • Keep up. Don’t get behind on readings or assignments. Regularly review and reflect on course material.
  • Break your work into small, manageable chunks. Don’t try to get everything done at once; you’ll feel overwhelmed. Block out time in your calendar.
  • Ask for help. Tutoring, counselling, accessibility services, research and writing, meeting with your advisor…we’ve got the services you need to succeed.
  • Focus on learning, not your grades. In the end, what matters is you understand the course material and can apply what you learn in your program.
  • Embrace collaboration, not competition. Talk to your peers. Encourage and help each other. It’s likely you’ll work closely with others in your career, so start developing a team mentality.
  • Be mindful of negative self-talk. Treat yourself like you would a good friend – be kind, compassionate and forgiving.
  • Adjust your attitude. What usually grounds you or makes you feel alive? Exercise? Meditation? Spending time on hobbies or with friends? Take a breather. Then get back to the books!
  • See feedback as an opportunity to improve. You’re a work-in-progress (we all are).
  • Remember why you’re here. You likely wanted to change your life, start or advance your career, or pursue a passion. Hold on to that.

Need some support? Check out Georgian’s student services or book an appointment with your advisor today.