Father surprises Automotive Business grad with visit from UK on convocation day
October 10, 2014

A teary-eyed Farhan stands with his smiling father in front of a Canadian flag.It’s not unusual for family members to travel long distances to attend their relatives’ graduation from Georgian College but Khalid Qayyoom came all the way from London, England to Barrie, ON to surprise his son Farhan Khalid.

Farhan was graduating with an Automotive Business diploma from the Automotive Business School of Canada (ABSC) at the Barrie Campus on Oct. 9. His family had told him that a “friend” might be planning to fly to Canada for the convocation but he didn’t expect his busy father to make the trip himself.

“I was so surprised to see my father standing there,” Farhan said. “He told me he wouldn’t have missed my graduation for the world.”

Farhan first came to Canada from the UK to study as an automotive Technician at another Ontario college. After graduating from that program he wanted to find a way to move ahead in the industry. Faculty there recommended Georgian’s Automotive Business program, and after visiting Georgian and the ABSC, he enrolled.

It was a hectic two years of study at Georgian for him, but Farhan says the hard work paid off. It didn’t take him long to find employment in the Canadian automotive industry. He is already well into his first month working as a “product genius” with BMW Toronto. Product geniuses use their technical expertise as part of the sales process to explain high-tech features of the BMW product lineup to potential purchasers.

Khalid’s father has nothing but praise for Georgian and its faculty and staff. From the beginning, he was intrigued to learn about the ABSC’ over 90 per cent job placement rate.

“My son was hired even before he graduated,” he points out.

He was thrilled when Farhan was hired for his first co-op promoting ABSC programs at auto shows across Canada, and in an earlier visit to Georgian he was impressed with how his son was on a first-name basis with so many people “from the cleaners to the teachers to the officials – everyone seems to know Farhan.”

That friendly atmosphere helped reassure him that his son had settled in well so far from home. Farhan, meanwhile, loved the blend of theoretical and practical learning opportunities that his program offered, and he says that is reflected in his hiring by BMW Toronto. His father is now among Georgian’s and the Automotive Business School of Canada’s biggest promoters.

“Young people — if you need a good future, good opportunities, then Georgian and the Automotive Business School of Canada is the place to come,” says Khalid Qayyoom”