Coffee Cup Collection comes to the Barrie Campus
May 06, 2013

Although Georgian has been promoting the use of reusable coffee mugs, thousands of disposable coffee cups are still used each day at the Barrie Campus alone. Most of these cups end as waste or contaminating the recycling and mixed paper streams.

To address this issue, a pilot study has been implemented using two coffee cup collectors manufactured by Busch Systems of Barrie. These coffee cup collector bins are unique in that they separate liquid, cups and lids. The two units will be placed at popular campus locations during the course of the study to determine the volume of materials collected, the degree and type of contamination and maintenance requirements.

Data received will be used to determine the effectiveness of this type of collection unit and whether these units could be employed as part of a long-term coffee cup recycling program. Once separated from the waste stream, the coffee cups will be collected by Wasteco and processed at a plant in Toronto.

Help us stay green and place your disposable coffee cups in one of the bins provided at the Barrie Campus. View the bin locations here.

See how it works! Watch this video and see the Busch’s Coffee Cup Collector being used by students in the Environmental programs.