Dale George – 2012 Premier’s Awards Winner
November 27, 2012

Dale George, Premier's Award Winner

2012 Premier’s Award Winner, Technology

Industrial Design, 1985

Chief Technology Officer, Buoyant Aircraft Systems International (BASI)

Dale George has established a niche in the world of design for improving operations, defining innovation, and creating industry standards for a number of products and services. Now he is again at the leading edge as the chief technical officer of Buoyant Airship Services International. George’s remarkable journey began in the Industrial Design program at college. Throughout his evolution from the early days of designing the now-famous “little yellow” plastic slide that can be found in backyards across North America, to developing the first high-altitude wind turbine, to his aviation work with lighter?than?air airships with NASA and transport to remote areas, George has remained a trailblazer in his field.