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Erasmus program

The Erasmus Program (European Community Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students) is a European Union (EU) student exchange program.

The opportunities are endless, and the friends and memories last a lifetime. The Erasmus exchange program is one of the greatest culture and character building programs that you can have in your whole life.

As a member of Erasmus, Georgian College is currently working on multiple student and staff exchange opportunities. Please check back often for new opportunities!

Why apply?

There is a growing need in the workplace for individuals who are able to live and work in an intercultural environment. Start setting yourself apart from your peers by showing potential employers how culturally competent you are!

Benefits of the Erasmus exchange program

  • Improve your student experience through internationalization and experiential learning 
  • Network with like-minded individuals 
  • Enhance your cultural awareness and global knowledge 
  • Expand your worldview and share stories with others 
  • Learn something new, and get inspired about social innovation ideas 
  • Make your resumé stand out with a complete global skillset 
  • Increase your education while gaining new experiences 

While physical mobility may not be possible, you can still participate in the exchange program and study at one of the top European universities online from the comfort of your home. 


Interested in exchange opportunities? Cant find what you’re looking for? Email us at erasmus@georgiancollege.ca to be the first to know about upcoming opportunities.

Past opportunity

Universidad de Almeria in Spain

Deadline for application:

  • Closed

Funding for students:

  • 850 EUR per month
  • 820 EUR for mobility and travel costs
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Criteria for consideration:

  • Average grade, the consistency of the proposed activities with the student’s university degree
  • Language skills
  • Any other information indicated by the student in the application (other learning experiences, specific academic interest, vulnerable socio-economic situation, etc.)

Obligations of the scholarship holders:

  • Candidates will have to send the application form to their international Office by the deadline.
  • The scholarship holders have to apply for the visa in their home country; the University of Almeria (UAL) will send acceptance letter in due time for this purpose.
  • The grantee has to book and assume the travel expenses by themselves and have enough money to be able to afford the first month.
  • The grantee will contract a health, accident and travel insurance before leaving their home university. This insurance will be valid since the moment and place of departure to the mobility period until the return, when the mobility period is over.
  • The student will organize their own accommodation. The International Office and the Erasmus Student Network at UAL will support grantees in the search of accommodation.
  • The student has to attend lectures as approved in the learning agreement of the research program, and commit themselves to inform our International Office and home university in case of an earlier departure.
  • To attend the monitory meetings and to fill in the Reports established by UAL or by the Erasmus + program rules.
  • Scholarship holders must have a learning agreement (students) and mobility agreement (staff) signed by home and host universities before starting the mobility period. These agreements define the target learning outcomes for the learning period abroad, specify the formal recognition provisions, and list the rights and obligations of each party.
  • The reference number of European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) credits to enrol at UAL per semester is 30 and the minimum 18 (three courses).

Past opportunity

University of Ostrava in Czech Republic 

Deadline for application:

  • Closed

Funding provided for students:

  • Each participating student received:
    • 800 EUR per month of stay (mobility lasted 150 days, or nearly five months)
    • 820 EUR for travel costs (e.g. airline ticket)

How to apply

Download the application form for your desired opportunities, complete the application and submit the completed application in an email to: erasmus@georgiancollege.ca

If you are selected for an opportunity, you will be required to submit a report at the end of the experience and document your adventures through blog posts.  

For more information about the program or how to participate, please email erasmus@georgiancollege.ca

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