Student Choice Initiative FAQs

Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions about the Student Choice Initiative. Please also visit the Student Choice Initiative section of the Tuition and Ancillary Fees page for more information.

What is the Student Choice Initiative (SCI)?

Effective 2019-20, the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities required the implementation of transparency and student choice at each institution known as the Student Choice Initiative. This included a review and itemized listing of all existing ancillary fees and the creation of new categories: compulsory and optional fees. Compulsory fees may be charged on a mandatory basis, while optional fees are not compulsory and give students the choice to pay for additional services.

Does the Student Choice Initiative apply to me?

The Student Choice Initiative applies to all Canadian and international undergraduate, diploma, certificate students, and applies to full-time and part-time students across all Georgian College campuses.

How do I choose my optional services?

You may choose your optional services through Banner, which is accessed through the student portal at the time of registration each term.  View an instructional video.

  1. Sign in to the Student Portal from the Georgian College webpage
  2. Select Banner from “My Quick Links
  3. Click the Registration tab
  4. Click Register For Courses and go through the registration process OR click Optional Fee Selection to choose your optional fees prior to your registration date
  5. Select which services you would like, if any
  6. Click “Submit” at the bottom of the page

You will see which optional service fees were selected, if any were chosen, and be given the option to print the page. Your selections will also appear in your account summary in Banner once you have registered.

Why would I want to pay for services?

Although you are not required to choose any of the optional fees, they support programs and services that benefit you. They also allow you to get involved at Georgian, adding to Georgian’s campus culture and your student experience. For more information on what these fees support and the services offered visit the Georgian College Webpage under finance and fees.

When is the deadline to select my optional services?

The deadline to select optional services is the 10th day of each academic semester. All deadlines are posted in the important dates on the Georgian College website.

Can I change my selections after I submit them?

If you would like to make changes to your selections, you can do so in Banner, any time before the deadline by clicking “Optional Fee Selection”. After the deadline, your selections cannot be revised for the semester and you will have to wait for the following term to adjust your selections. Your bill for the semester will include all compulsory fees and your selected optional fees.

Are there any fees I cannot choose? Are any fees mandatory?

You cannot choose compulsory/ essential fees. These essential fees ensure the safety of the campus and provide academic support and services to students. Below is a quick reference list of compulsory fees. You may also find a full description of all fees on the Georgian College Webpage under finance and fees.

  • Academic Support
  • Athletic and Recreation
  • Campus Safety
  • Career Services
  • Education Technology
  • Health and Counselling
  • Health and Dental Plans
  • Student Achievement and Records
  • Student Building
  • Student ID Cards (ONEcard)
  • Student Transit Passes

If I have any questions about SCI, who would I contact?

If you have any questions about the Student Choice Initiative, please email the Office of the Registrar. You may also stop by in person. We are located at the Barrie campus, 1st Floor C Building.