Co-op in Israel
August 16, 2018

Co-op in Israel

I am Joan Pina, an Environmental Technician student, doing my co-op work term in Israel in a demineralized and potable water treatment facility, located on the shore of the Dead Sea.

My duties include taking part in the commissioning and operation of a new water treatment plant, collecting soil samples to measure the impact this facility will have on the surrounding area, and monitoring the pollutants in the environment resulting from the combustion of the gas turbine to comply with the environmental regulations set out by the ministry of environmental protection.

I must highlight that working abroad is my passion because it has given me incredible experiences meeting people from around the world and exploring new cultures.

This my second time working in Israel. I had a great experience the first time too.  I expect my co-op placement will help me to build and expand my professional background and in the environmental field.

Joan wearing safety gear while standing on the roof of a water treatment facility in Israel
Joan testing water
Joan standing atop a tall building with the Dead Sea in the background
Joan sampling water