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Term: Winter 2019

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Culture and Cuisine
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Post Secondary

Two way equivalent(s):

GNED 2081 - Culture and Cuisine (ODE)

Students are advised to retain course outlines for future use in support of applications for employment or transfer of credits

Course Description:

Exploring cuisine is a good way to explore culture. This course examines the geographical and historical factors that combine to create a culture and its cuisine, and investigates the social and religious symbolism of food and sharing food. The course analyzes a range of cultures and cuisines, ancient and modern, to show how they reflect and reveal the variety of human experience.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Define culture and identify its components.
2. Investigate the relationship between geography, culture, and cuisine as a facet of the anthropological theory of cultural materialism.
3. Discuss the relationship between various religious and spiritual beliefs and food traditions, taboos, and rituals.
4. Examine the social meanings and symbolism of selecting, preparing, and sharing food across cultures.
5. Analyze current political, ethical, and sociological issues related to food, culture, technology, and cuisine.

Course Content:

- Culture and cuisine: definition(s) and components
food; society and food: symbolism of food and sharing
- Modern movements and issues: political, ethical,
ecological, and health considerations
- Cultural materialism: regions of the world and their
essential carbohydrates, proteins, fats or oils, and
other ingredients; geography, food, and technology
- Historical pathways and global migrations of food:
warriors, traders, explorers, missionaries, colonialists,
adventurers, and immigrants; culinary fusions and
- Culture and cuisine: religion, ritual and symbolism of


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