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Term: Fall 2018

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Lifestyle Management
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Post Secondary

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Course Description:

Quality of life is reflected in personal and societal wellness. In this course, students are introduced to the concept of wellness and provides practical strategies for developing a healthy lifestyle. Students explore issues such as stress management, nutrition, mental and physical fitness, and self-responsibility. In addition, students assess the impact of global forces on themselves and Canadian society.

Learning Outcomes:

1. identify the components of wellness (mind, body, spirit) and their influences on quality of life from an individual and societal perspective;
2. examine the importance of the components of wellness and their effect on personal lifestyle choices;
3. investigate alternative approaches to lifestyle management;
4. evaluate how personal and societal characteristics and influences affect lifestyle choices;
5. assess the effect of global forces on the health and wellness of Canadians, individually and collectively;
6. develop a lifestyle plan that incorporates the principles of wellness while taking into account the impact of external forces in contemporary society.

Course Content:


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