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Term: Winter 2019

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Conflict Resolution
Grade Mode:
Post Secondary

Students are advised to retain course outlines for future use in support of applications for employment or transfer of credits

Course Description:

Students explore a variety of methods and techniques for resolving conflict such as negotiation, mediation, and facilitation. Using an interdisciplinary framework, students are encouraged to be critically reflective and to challenge their preconceptions about conflict. By exploring conflict in a variety of settings, students learn how to approach conflict in a positive manner that is beneficial to both their personal and professional lives.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Explain how conflict can be approached in a positive manner in both his/her personal and professional lives.
2. Discuss the impact of gender, culture, and ethics on conflict resolution processes.
3. Explore various methods of conflict resolution, using an interdisciplinary approach.
4. Apply conflict resolution techniques in a variety of settings.

Course Content:

- Interdisciplinary approaches to conflict resolution
- Common responses to conflict
- Negotiation
- Mediation
- Facilitation
- Advocacy
- Legal processes
- Culture, gender, and conflict


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Evaluation is comprised of: Tests 40% Assignments 60%


A student at Georgian College can appeal the following:

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  2. a final mark for a course or co-op work term;
  3. missing or incorrect assessment information on a grade report and/or transcript

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