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Term: Winter 2019

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Music in our Lives
Grade Mode:
Post Secondary

One way equivalent(s):

GNED 1077 - Music in our Lives (ODE)

Students are advised to retain course outlines for future use in support of applications for employment or transfer of credits

Course Description:

This course examines the importance and the fundamentals of music through its individual and global connections. The study of the historical and socio-cultural development of popular music creates a context for an exploration of current issues in the world of music.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Apply the basic elements of music.
2. Connect musical knowledge and expressive skills as a reflection of fundamental human experience.
3. Respond critically to diverse perspectives.
4. Analyze the impact of emerging technologies in music.
5. Investigate the development of popular music within the socio-political and cultural context of the western world.

Course Content:

- Elements of music
- Individual and global functions of music
- Critical listening skills
- Origins and historical development of popular music
- Technology and music
- Current issues in music


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