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Term: Winter 2019

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Environmental Concerns
Grade Mode:
Post Secondary

Two way equivalent(s):

ENVR 1000 - Environmental Science and Sustainability

Students are advised to retain course outlines for future use in support of applications for employment or transfer of credits

Course Description:

This course provides an understanding of how human actions impact various plant and animal ecologies. Past and present environmental issues are examined and future environmental concerns predicted through the lens of human value systems, priorities, lifestyles, and worldviews. Issues of sustainability are investigated in light of specific environmental challenges.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Compare how the natural environment has changed locally, nationally, and globally since the industrial revolution.
2. Analyze environmental issues through a range of different perspectives such as expansionist, ecological, conservative and radical.
3. Evaluate environmental impacts using the ecological footprint model.
4. Examine the interconnections between environmental concerns and personal, political, and socio-economic practices.
5. Investigate science and technological advancements in the development of sustainable lifestyles and environmental practices.

Course Content:

- Biology and ecology as they relate to a healthy
- The world's bioregions and the places of ecological
concern model
- Human impacts on the environment including the ecological
- Personal, political, and socio-economic aspects of current
environmental issues
- Anthropogenic causes of climate change
- Consumption patterns and sustainability


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