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Through our client-focused approach, we collaborate with you to maximize your human resources investment. Our goal is to develop your team’s skillset to adapt to evolving industry demands, including new equipment, technology and legislation. 

Some of the most popular training we offer in this industry is listed below. Are you looking for training specific to your organization’s goals? We also design and deliver custom training solutions to meet all your needs.

  • Engaging Adult Learners
  • Project Initiation and Charter Development
  • Teaching and Training Adults
  • Project Planning, Scheduling, and Budgeting
  • Management Roles
  • Communicating for success
  • Finance for Non-Financial Managers
  • Human Resources Management Essentials

For a full list of our available courses, date and time customization to suit your organization’s needs or custom programming, please email us.

Existing courses and modules – Custom programming available

Teaching and Training Adults

$250 | 12 hours 

This module is an introduction to teaching and training adult learners. Participants explore the principles of adult learning and their practical application in the creation and management of effective learning environments. This module is a prerequisite for subsequent offerings and must be taken first in the program.

Engaging Adult Learners

$175 | 6 hours

This module will examine the instructor’s role in learner engagement and motivation. Factors affecting learner motivation will be identified and instructional strategies to enhance learner engagement and motivation will be discussed and demonstrated.

Project Initiation and Charter Development

$392 | 7  days

Learn the fundamentals of projects in organizations, project selection methods, and how to start a project correctly. Identify stakeholders and determine their interests, impacts and expectations. Get practical experience defining the needs for projects and develop a functional project charter at the right level of detail for your situation.

Project Planning, Scheduling and Budgeting

$1,960 | 5 weeks

Develop functional project planning skills through creating a full project plan. Explore scope definition, work breakdown, resource estimation, critical path definition, scheduling budgeting, proactive risk planning, and integration of the entire project plan through demonstration and practice using Microsoft Project and other planning tools

Management Roles

$230 | 6 hours

This module explores the role of the manager and the importance and impact of the manager on individual, group and corporate success. Leadership styles, attitudes, behaviours, and skills required for successful management will be discussed.

Communicating for Success

$230 | 6 hours

To develop a good working relationship and maintain a spirit of rapport and teamwork, managers require effective communication skills. Improve relationships at work by understanding voice dynamics and body language, learn how to listen, question, and give feedback.

Human Resource Management Essentials

$230 | 6 hours

The opportunities and need for growth and development within a management role are vast, encompassing a broad range of knowledge and skills. This course focuses on human resource essentials including harassment in the workplace, workplace violence, interview and selection process and performance management. Learners will further develop their skillset for
success in a leadership position.

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