Student Survival Fund

Life can be unpredictable, so Georgian College is changing the way we address food insecurity to help our students in times of need. Through initiatives like the Georgian Food Locker, which is our on-campus food bank, to donor-funded emergency bursaries that assist students who find themselves unable to meet the financial challenges that they face – we are coming together as a community to support our students.

Thank you for investing in our students during this time of unprecedented disruption and difficult circumstances with COVID-19.

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Student making a heart shape inside a food locker donation container

“As we navigate these challenging times, maintaining and expanding access to the Food Locker program is integral. As you know, the Georgian Food Locker program strives to ensure that students experiencing food insecurity can access food and hygiene items. This is a dynamic and just-in-time service to help meet individual student needs and lessen the financial burden that many of our students are facing, particularly during these extraordinary times. We care so deeply for our students and will move through these uncertain times together. Thank you for supporting this initiative.”

Sheona Morrison, Student Leadership and Transition Programs

– Sheona Morrison, Student Leadership and Transition Programs