People of Georgian: From tacos to travel, international student embraces new experiences

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People of Georgian: Meet Diksha Mongia

I tried making tacos for the first time recently because the Indian version of tacos is completely different from the actual Mexican taco.

I went through one of the recipes and made it from scratch, and it didn’t quite go well for me. The outcome was not good; it was too messy.

A person with long, black hair and dressed casually, stands on a city sidewalk with a Canada flag in the background and smiles at the camera.
Diksha on her first day in Canada.

But I was like, “That’s OK, I tried it, but I’m never going to put in a lot of efforts again for that one.” I would just probably buy one in future.

In India, we’d make a wrap or a taco with whatever the leftovers are. These other tacos included the protein and beans.

I am passionate about cooking and eating food and trying different things. Watching YouTube videos, going through cookbooks and learning new recipes.

‘Trying new things helps me figure out what is best for me’

I love exploring new places here in Canada, too.

I’ve been trying to be anywhere and everywhere over the weekends.

So far, I’ve just been to Toronto and Wasaga. I loved Wasaga Beach. It’s so calm and, you know, being on the beaches is so me. I just take my book along with me and read and I love it totally. I’m really looking forward to seeing Niagara Falls.

I love trying new things because of the excitement and also a hint of being scared how it will turn out.

Trying new things helps me figure out what is best for me. That includes coming to Canada to see what that experience is like.

Diksha adjusts to new country as a mature student

Honestly, I was scared at first. Going back to school after so many years, how would it be for me and my first few weeks?

Slowly and gradually, things did work out well, and I really enjoy being here, especially in Barrie.

I’ve been to downtown Toronto and it was very crowded and there were so many people there just running, rushing to work here and there. That’s so not me.

A person with long, black hair, sunglasses and dressed casually, holds a shopping bag and stands on a boardwalk, with tall buildings and the CN Tower behind them.

So being in here in Barrie, I love the calmness and quietness.

A person with black hair tied back, dressed casually and in a coat, smiles and stands on a pathway next to a lake.

I arrived in Canada in May, so now I am looking forward to trying ice skating or skiing this winter.

In India, I didn’t get a chance to see snow at the Himalayas or the other regions that we have. I’ve never experienced snow personally. I’m going to love it.

You need to believe in yourself and trust your gut. If you’ve decided on something, hold onto it.

Diksha Mongia

I’ve had other international students reach out to me online, asking questions about my experiences in Canada.

I tell them you need to believe in yourself and trust your gut.

If you’ve decided on something, hold onto it, and just give yourself some time, and things will work out.

Diksha Mongia, international student in Georgian’s Project Management program.

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