People of Georgian: This Kinda Life co-creator puts passion into practice as photography student
April 30, 2021

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People of Georgian: Meet Sarah Lajeunesse

A person smiles at the camera while sitting at an office desk with a laptop and notebook on the table.

I was a reporter for a long time, but I never picked up a camera to try photography, although I always admired it.

So, when I found the Georgian Photography program I was super excited to try it.

Photography was always interesting to me, but my creativity was always expressed through writing and storytelling. I just never thought I had that visual capability.

“It’s so satisfying when you create something you’re really proud of”

It’s exciting to realize, “No, no, I can do this.” It’s going to take a lot of practice, but it’s exciting to be able to put that into motion.

I’ve taken the first two classes and then I’m just waiting for the other classes to begin in the next few weeks.

They did a really good job of teaching a hands-on course virtually. It worked out pretty well.

I’m really excited to take the macro and portraiture photography classes. I’m all about people and expressions and emotions.

I’ve really taken a passion in the last few years to the creative side – the aesthetic and the look and feel of photos – for my work with This Kinda Life and TKL Media.

The passion is to keep up with it and continue to create better content.

Even though I have a background in video and have been editing for 20 years, I still look at others’ Instagram Reels and TikTok videos and think, “how did they do that?”

Being able to use the skills that I’ve had for so many years with the new skills I’m developing, it’s so satisfying.

Two people sit on a couch and face each other, while one takes a photo of the other.

It’s so great that I’ve now found a place where I can use everything together and just create content that satisfies my passion and makes me feel happy.

It’s very motivating. It makes me want to keep creating. It’s so satisfying when you create something you’re really proud of.

Sarah Lajeunesse, a part-time student in Georgian’s Photography program. She’s also the co-creator of This Kinda Life and co-founder of TKL Media. Follow Sarah on Instagram: @thiskindalife and @tklmedia

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