People of Georgian: Support officer an ‘outdoors fanatic’
December 11, 2020

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People of Georgian: Meet Jay Harris

I used to go rock climbing in Kentucky every year when I was a student.

After we finished our exams, we’d all get into a car and go down to Kentucky and do a week-long climbing trip.

We did what’s called multi-pitch climbing, which means you go up one pitch and then you belay your partner up from the ground to you, and then you repeat that process.

We got to a really cool scenic spot almost at sunset. We were up probably 140 feet or so, and there were a lot of valleys and trees and rock cliffs.

That was definitely a memorable moment, seeing the landscape then. You get to repel down and look behind you at the sunset. It was really, really cool.

Dreams of the NHL… or driving a Zamboni

I love anything and everything sports.

Recently, I was even fortunate enough to teach Fitness and Wellness to students in two different programs.

It was truly an amazing experience getting to introduce topics I am passionate about and having the added benefit of physical activity integrated in the courses.

I’m a huge outdoors sports fanatic.

Hockey, certainly, when I was growing up. My dream was to be an NHL player for the Toronto Maple Leafs. If that didn’t work, a Zamboni driver.

I also do lots of mountain biking, kayaking and canoeing. I’ll do anything, honestly, that gets me outdoors.

Looking outside right now, I’m getting ready to get my snowshoes out. I cannot wait to start snowshoeing.

Person wearing a bike helmet stands outside and smiles at the camera.

I don’t hate seeing snow outside, I just get excited about more stuff I can do outdoors. I like all four seasons.

Being active clears your head. You’re not really focused on anything else. That, for me, is a stress reliever.

If I can get out and ride my bike, it’s just pure joy and enjoyment.

Jay Harris, Student Systems Support Officer at Georgian College and alumnus of Georgian’s Recreation and Leisure Services and Business Administration programs.

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