People of Georgian: New series connects college community
May 22, 2020

Georgian is more than a college. It’s a second home to students, faculty and staff from around the world.

And what connects us are our stories.

With thousands of people coming to Georgian every year to learn, work, play and explore, there’s a never-ending cycle of stories of perseverance, passion, humour, love, hard work, and resilience.

In these challenging times, we want to stay connected with you as much as possible, so we’ve launched a new weekly series called People of Georgian.

We want to share stories that inspire, touch your heart, and make you laugh.
We hope you’ll join us on this journey, with posts on our website, as well as on Facebook and Instagram.

Want to share your story? Please contact [email protected].

Person poses in a yoga position in front of ceiling to floor windows at Georgian College.

Here is our first of many People of Georgian: Meet Shannelle Boulay

My biggest passion would be helping others find their light, whatever inspires them, whatever gives them their energy in life. I love to connect with people and get to know what are those little nuggets inside of them that keep them going on hard days.

Fitness kind of started my own personal journey. It kind of brought me full circle in realizing how I can help the world, in helping them take care of themselves on a physical level, which then turned into more of a spiritual and emotional level when I started dabbling in yoga.

My latest travel was Guatemala. I took a 100-hour training there to progress into a 300-hour certification. They’ve got schools all over the world – Bali, Australia, Peru, Guatemala, Costa Rica.

So many times where I might feel alone being a solo traveler and I’d just look up and see someone just there waiting alone as well, so it would just be a good opportunity to talk to them. We’re both in the same boat so we might as well say, “Hi,” at the very least. They always seem to be very much aligned – we have either read a lot of the same books or do very similar work or have the same interests.

It’s really nice to see that it doesn’t really matter where you are in the world, you’re always going to find all kind of people that have some likelihood with you.

Person stands in a stairwell and smiles at the camera.

Shannelle Boulay,
Georgian Fitness and Health Promotion grad, @georgiangrizzliesfitness Assistant, personal trainer, fitness instructor and yoga teacher.