People of Georgian: Math tutor uses patience superpower to help students
July 24, 2020

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People of Georgian: Meet Dan Moreau

I wanted a profession that would help the most number of people. I went into civil engineering – dealing with water and sewers for municipalities. But the problem with that is no one was ever happy to see you when you got to work. (laughs) I decided I needed a change, and another way I could help was if I could get difficult ideas across. That’s how I ended up teaching.

I really like working with students. The math is kind of secondary. I really like seeing that “I get it” or that “ah-ha” moment. That’s what I enjoy the most. Multiple students have come back to me after we’re done working together and said, “I got an A on this test, and I was failing before.” That always makes me feel good.

So much of getting an idea across to a person is being able to wait. When you’re explaining how to do sign law, you just have to sit there and wait until they get it. If it doesn’t happen, then it’s time to change something and give them a boost.

Person leans against a railing while holding up comic books and smiling at the camera.

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Who’s your favourite superhero?

I also love to fish and barbecue, and both of those activities require you to sit there and be patient, and I do like to sit and be quiet. It’s a comfortable silence.

I really am pretty quiet, but if you want me to talk for hours, I can talk about comic books. They’re really interesting to me. Batman and Spider-Man are my favourite superheroes. And again, reading comic books are something you sit with and wait to see connections between different characters. My passions are all connected.

Dan Moreau, Math Technologist in Academic Success with Georgian Library

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